Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


9. paps!

Zayns pov

Do you believe in love at first site? Anyway the paps are all over me and Britt and brook but nobody really asked me if i was her dad or anything. Me and the boys are going on Ellen tonight.

Britt: remember if they ask you about brook just say she's my daughter, yeah?

Zayn: Britt, you know how much i love her.

Britt: i know but still, dont be late! And with that she gave me a quick kiss and i was gone. Ellen was asking me questions until she asked about brook.

Ellen: so zayn who's this cutie pie she said when a picture of brook came up on the screen.

Me: her name is brook and she's not officially my daughter but i love her like one so yeah in my eyes you could say she's my daughter.

I was nervous cause i didnt know if Britt wanted me to say anything but i just love them both.

After the show the boys wanted to go out but i just wanted to go home. I went home early form the club.

Me: Britt im home.

Britt: im in here she said i can tell she was in the shower and brook was asleep

Britt: zayn can you give me a towel?

Me: um um sure. I said while handing her a towel with my eyes closed

Britt: zayn really your sweet. Haha

Me: yeah. So Britt um valentines is coming up soon and i was wondering if you want to be mine?

Britt: course babe. Here grab me my clothes on the bed. So i can get changed.

Me: so what time did you put brook down?

Britt: like an hour ago she said while putti on e news.

The tv**

Zayn malik confesses he loves her baby just as much and he says that in his eyes she's his baby. How sweet

Britt: zayn um um

Me: sh dont say nothing Britt. I sai while i slowly kissed her.

Me: so Britt since vv day is like in four days i figured that we should start packing and stuff.

Britt: why where are we going?

Me: to florida😘

Britt: what about brook?

Me: we could take her or leave her with my mum she said yes already.

Britt: okay thats good when is our flight?

Me: tomorrow morning..

Britt: what i need to pack i need to shop ughhh

Me: you have enough clothes.. So are we leaving brook or tAking her i you want harry and the boys could watch her instead.

Britt: your right. And yeah that would be good. Well I'm going to bed babe good night

Me: good night, i waited for Britt to fall asleep before i kissed her forehead and told her i love her.i was scared to tell her while she was awake


I woke up to brush my teeth and the plane leaves at 9:30 and it's currently 6:30 after i brushed my teeth i woke up Britt and we both got ready. After we done Brits mom instincts kicked in and she wrote down a list of what to do with brook and she let harry sleep in our bed for brook. We were saying our good byes and then we were on our way to the airport.

Britt: zayn I'm scared of planes😔

Me: I'm sure we will be fine i said while parking the car and opening her door while paps took a ton of pics i grabbed both of our luggage and the later niall and louis will drive together up and niall will take her car back home. As we walked through the doors it was already 9:25 so we of course have first class to our selves and we got on first. I could tell when we were about to take off Britt was scared.

Me: babe were fine i exclaimed while holding her hand.

Britt: i know.. What time does the plane land in Florida?

Me: around 2 or 1

Britt: oh, so I'll take a nap then. She said while putting her head on the window.

Me: here i said while grabbing her head and laying her head on my shoulder. She didn't even notice when we took off.

It's been two hours and she's still sleeping. Then this attendant came up to me and tried to flirt with me

Attendant: hey cutie im Angie whats your name.

Me: um um

Attendant: silly i know your name its zayn Malik and-

I guess Britt woke up

Britt: and he has a girlfriend✋

Attendant: whatever do you want anything to eat or drink

Me: chips and soda please.

Attendant: I'll be right back.

Me: babe your soo cute when your mad i said while giving her a long ass kiss.

And the attendant dropped the chips and soda off at the table on my lap.

Britt: so what are we going to do when we get to Florida?

Me: we can go to the beach since tomorrow is v day and then i have something planned for us.

Britt: oh okay thats fun. I cant wait.

Those hour flew by fast and we in Florida 🐬

Britt: so where's the hotel?

Me: um well i got one right on the beach. So yeah. The air port was only 15 mins away and when we checked in we. Changes onto swim suits and we walked down to the beach. The water was really warm.

Britt: okay let's go in. She said while taking off her summer dress. I couldnt help but stare at her.

Britt: um zayn my eyes are right here. She said while blushing.

Me: um um yeah. Anyways i said while taking off my shirt and i grabbed Britt and threw her in the water.

Britt: zayn my hair!!!

Me: I'm sorry baby! Haha its okay.

Britt: zayn let's go in deeper we cant even swim in here she said.

Me: yeah um sorry but i dont i dont know how to swim.

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