Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


20. no one

No ones pov.

It's been about a hour since zayn left to go get food, he was coming up the elevator as Britt was wiping the tears away from her eyes. She was getting so much hate and she couldn't take it anymore, she was tired of the hate and being worried about everybody judging her. And she was still thinking about the baby momma thing. Little did she know zayn didnt just go out to buy Thai food, he went out to buy a ring. Not just any ring an engagement ring. He wanted to be with her and Olivia. He wanted to be able to show her off. As zayn walked in, he placed the food down and sat down next to Britt. Her eyes were a little puffy but zayn seemed not to notice. He told her:

Zayn: do you still want to go out tonight?

Britt: no. Can we just order drinks or something?

Zayn: yeah. I'll be outside on the balcony.

Britt wondered why. But then she remembered he smoked. So Britt went outside too and they shared a cigarette.

Zayn: i thought you didnt smoke.

Britt: i dont she replied.

Zayn: i have something i want to tell you he said as he put the cigarette down.

Britt: what is it?

Zayn: i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, i want to be able to come home to. You everyday. I want to be able to wake up next to you every day. He whispered as he got down on one knee and aske simply, marry me?

Britt felt happy and sad at the time. Sad that she was only 19 about to turn twenty on December 16, she was already settlein down. But she loved zayn a lot. So she cried out a yes as he slid the ring on her finger and picked her up and gave her a long kiss on her lips. It was perfect until they heard zayns phone ringing in the room. Caller id read LIAM. Zayn answered it.

Zayn: hey mate, -

Liam: its harry, he's in the hospital.

Zayn: what happened?

Liam: he crashed his car and hit a tree, he exclaimed clearly out of breath.

Zayn: what hospital?

Liam: the same hospital Olivia was in.

Zayn hung up and told Britt about it. Once they got in the hospital they bought a ballon and a teddy bear. Harry had a long tube going down his throat and his eyes were closed. He looked pretty bad. He had scratches all over his face. The second Britt walked in the hospital her stomach starting turning. How could such a great night turn into a bad night within seconds?

We entered the room 913, harry was lying on a bed with a oxygen mask and tubes all over him and his face was scratched up pretty bad. Britt walked in and gave harry a quick kiss on his cheek. All the boys were there including paul. Paul explained to them what happened. And he also told them that harry was asleep for now but should be going into surgery in the morning for his broken leg. By the end of the night everyone went home expect for paul he stayed with harry and called his mom and told her what happened. She would be down here after harry was out of surgery. Zayn and Britt went back to the hotel. Britt would keep glancing over at the ring. She couldn't wait to tell her mom, until she remembered her mother hasn't even bothered to call her apart from her dad. He would call every other day. Once they got to the hotel zayn and Britt just fell asleep they were extremely tired.

The next day•••••••••••••

Zayn woke up first at 8:30 and woke Britt up by slowly caressing her cheek. They both showered and got dressed to go out to eat. They ate at a diner and talked over breakfast.

Zayn: you like the ring baby?

Britt: yes i do, she giggled while grabbing his hand but she couldn't help but think will it last forever?

They finished breakfast and went to the hospital to visit harry. Harry was out of surgery and was awake as Britt and zayn walked in. His mum and sister were already there.

Harry: Britt this is my mum Anne and my sister Gemma.

Anne: hi its nice to finally meet you, harry told us all about you and how much you are his bestfriend.

Gemma: yeah he does talk about you a lot.

Harry: only Beacuse your bestfriend he glanced at zayn while talking to Britt.

Zayn couldn't help but feel like harry liked Britt. But what did matter? Zayn was engaged to her. Nothing could tear them apart. After visiting harry, they went back to the hotel room.

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