Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


6. chapter 6

Brits pov

I was sleeping up stairs and right now Brooklyn's crib and stuff is in my room and she is crying. I wake up and feed her and change her diaper. After i fed her i burped her too, and then zayn woke up and came into my room.

Zayn: hey good morning Britt.

Me: hey zayn. Good morning i was just feeding Brooklyn and i was about to put her down. Whats up?

Zayn: oh nothing liam and the boys went out to get breakfast for us.

Me: thats great. Zayn i really appreciate everything you did for me last night.

Zayn: i wanted to do something yesterday but i got interupted.

Me: what was that? I said while slightly blushing.

Zayn suddenly leans in and kisses me for a good five seconds.

Zayn: that. I just meet you yesterday but i was felling you a lot. Here can i hold Brooklyn? He asked while sitting on the bed.

Me: um um yeah sure. Can u take a quick shower i haven't showered since i got Brooklyn and i feel really gross.

Zayn: yeah go ahead i watch lux all the time. I'll be fine.

Me: thank you thank you thank you.!!! I said and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

While I was taking a shower i heard zayn singing to brook.(nickname) when i got out i put on fresh p jays. And i put my hair in a messy bun. I didnt put make up on and i just went to my room.

Zayn: hey brook look who's finally out of the shower. He said in a baby voice and he just looked so fucking cute. And then i heard the other boys coming up the stairs and they sounded so excited.

Harry: guess who doesn't have to go on your for another 8 months? We dont!

Zayn: really thats amazing he said.

Liam: okay so we didn't know what food Britt wanted so we got her a little bit of everything and zayn for you we got the same. And we got brook more milk more diapers and more clothes.

Me: liam you guys didnt have to really. But thanks. You guys dont have to stay here with me you know.

Harry: but zayn wants to.

Zayn: and yes i do want to is there a promblem?

Louis: looks like zayn has a little tud.

Zayn: actually Brits right. You guys should go.

Liam: but zayn, come with us back to the hotel.

Niall: i have a idea this house is big enough for all of us so why dont we check out and stay here?

Harry: thats a great idea actually.

Liam: stop inviting us to stay maybe Britt doesn't want us to.

Me: guys its fine harry and niall can share Nicole's old room and louis and liam can take the guest room and zayn?

Zayn: um I'll stay in here.

Me: yeah thats fine.

Liam: hey Britt. Can I borrow the car to go to the hotel with the boys and get everything.?

Me:sure here's the keys. I said while tossing the keys.

So far Brooklyn has been really good for me, she wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes just to be fed and changed.

2 WEEKS later..

Me and zayn are kind of a couple you can say i mean we cuddle and stuff but nothing too serious. I like him a lot but a relationship right now would be great but then the fans will freak out and say zayn has baby and stuff. And brook is starting to get a little bit sick.

Zayn; good morning babe.

Me: morning, what do you want to do today!

Zayn: we can go out to eat. And the boys said that they will take brook to a park or something

Me: okay yeah that sounds great. And zayN please here put on a shirt I'm begging you!

Zayn: why am making you drool??

Me: actually yes!

Xayn: kiss me, Britt you haven't kissed me since like last week.

Me: i know i just dont want to fall for you and then get my heart broken by you too.

Zayn: i dont want to make you feel like that i really like you and being in your life and brooks life too.

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