Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


2. chapter 2

I take it your a fan eh?

Me: um um.. Yeah!

Zayn: ha your cute Britt. He said while reading my name tag.

Me: um um um um thanks i said while blushing.

Zayn: how much was it again?

Me:its 10.50

Zayn:hands me a twenty keep the change and make the mocha out to 717-389-2378 and in case you didn't catch on keep the number.

Me: okay, I'll text you on my break? If thats ok?

Zayn: its perfect.

Me: here yah go, thanks for coming to Starbucks.

Zayn: talk to you later.

And then with that he entered this black van and he was gone.

About toe long hours i was on break, and i texted

Me:hey zayn its Britt.

Zayn: hey Britt so um, are you free tonight?

Me: yeah.

Zayn: great wanna stop by my hotel?

Me: zayn what if I'm a stalker or something?

Zayn: thats just a risk ill have to take then:)

Me: okay I'll say like 7 ish?

Zayn: how about after work?

Me: actually that might work im getting off work at like 3:30 and it's already 3:15 but you know I'll have to go get ready and stuff.

Zayn: okay thats fine

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