Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


17. 2 weeks later.

Zayns pov.

I'm glad me and Britt get to see each other next week. But i dont know the boys are acting kind of weird lately...

Harry: so you excited to see Britt next week?

Me; of course i am. I miss her so much speaking of that do you mind helping me with something??

Harry: yeah sure whats up?

Zayn: um i need to move the king size bed up stairs to make a room for me and Britt. And our baby.

Harry: yeah let's get to it.

After about 3 hours we were finally done.

The bus pulled over at a diner . And we were coming out from eating and we were walking on the bus. When i walked up stairs to my and britts room i smelled perfume and when u turned on the lights Britt was on the bed. I jumped on the bed to give her a kiss.

Me: baby i love you i miss you i said while kissing her.

Britt; hi hi i missed you too, she yelped.

Me: your here a week early!

Britt: i wanted to surprise you.

Me: do the boys know?

Britt: yeah liam louis and niall.

Me: and harry?

Britt: nope i haven't talked to him in three months so no.

Me: gosh i missed you! Harry! I yelled!

Harry came up stairs.

Harry: wha-

Britt: hi she whispered.

Harry: i thought you were coming next week.

Britt: i couldn't wait any longer. She admitted.

Harry: oh well, welcome to the tour bus.

Britt: harry why are you mad i did nothing too you... And now your acting weird.

Harry: its nothing i just haven't talked to you in a couple months it just feels wierd.

Me: okay well Britt, this is out room that harry helped me arrange..

Britt: i love it its perfect, all we need is a crib.

Me: yeah i know. Harry do you want to get the boys up here? Let's have a movie night?


Britts pov.

I cant believe that harry is actually acting like were best friends again!!!

The boys all decided to watch insidious 2 I'm not gonna lie i am a scared.

Me: zayn im gonna go to the bathroom.

Zayn: wait this is the good part.

Me: babe, my bladder is gonna burst..

Zayn: okay fine, but be quick.

I did my business and came out.

The movie is now over and its 11:49 at night. And all the boys are downstairs.

Me: so are we going to talk?

Zayn: about perrie?

Me: yeah.

Zayn: okay listen i dont like her i dont miss her

Me: but you were with her at the club, you took pictures with her while i was at home being pregnant and waiting for you to face time me. I tried not raising my voice.

Zayn: i dont want to fight. Just listen to me okay i love you I'm sorry if you think i meet her there.

Me: yeah sure,

Zayn: you were with Finn and im not flipping shit!!!

Me: dont yell at me! This isn't about me its about you! Nicole invited them over and i needed a ride to my baby's appointment.

Zayn: your baby? It's our baby.

Me: ugh whatever zayn. Are you done yet?

Zayn: can we just stop!

Me: im tired, i flew 6 hours just to argue with you!

Zayn: Britt stop! Just go to bed.

Me: shut up!!!!


I cant sleep knowing that zayn is next to me and were not even cuddling.

Zayn: baby are you up?

Me: i haven't slept since.

Zayn: come here he whispered while wrapping his arms around my belly and me.

Me: I'm sorry, i love you. Babe.

Zayn: i know I'm sorry too. And i love you!

Me: me and out little girl will love you.

Zayn: yeah. I kn- wait little girl?

Me: yeah i found out last week. I wanted. To tell you in person.

Zayn: oh my gosh its a girl, it's our little girl.

Me: yeah she's our i giggled.

And we cuddled and fell into a deep sleep


I woke up at 10 looking for zayn but he was out with liam louis and niall. So harry and me were alone.

Me: do you know when zayn is going to be back?

Harry: um no he said he was going to do something important.

Me: okay.

Harry: so do you want to talk?

Me: yeah i breathed.

Harry: let me start by saying i was mad at you only because you didnt text at all. Except that one night.

Me: well you were being a dick so i didnt have a choice. And plus I'm not supposed to text you first.

By the time zayn came back me and harry were friends again.

Me: where have you been?

Zayn: i was buying a couple things for the baby.

Me: oh what did you get her?

Zayn: well i got her a crib, bottles, lots of diapers, and some blankets.

Harry: wait the baby is a girl??

Me: um yeah.

Harry: aw whats her name?

Zayn: we have to talk about it still. He looked at me.

Me: i mean i have a couple in mind but I'm not sure yet.

Just then paul walked in.

Paul: boys you have an interview, at 1 and its 12 so get ready.

Zayn: do you want to come?

Me: yeah sure. I ran upstairs to get dressed.

I ended up with jeans and a nice cream shirt, with a pair of combat boots.

Within 15 mintues we were all in the studio for the interview.


Interviewer: hi boys and who is this?

She asked referring to me.

Zayn: this is my beautiful girl friend, Britt.

Interviewer: oh hi Britt. I have a couple questions for you boys,

So zayn, liam, louis, and niall were spotted buying some baby stuff? Would you guys explain??

Zayn: yeah actually, he paused and looked at me as to ask if its okay. ,, yeah Britt is pregnant.

Interviewer: *gasps* oh well congrats.! How far along?

Me: well I'm four months now.

Interviewer: oh whats the sex?

Zayn: we want to keep it a surprise.

Interviewer: so boys, do you think having a baby will ruin your band?

Harry: of course not, we never let anything ruin us before.



Zayn was upstairs setting up her crib while i was downstairs on the phone with my sister (Sam Brooke's mom)

Sam: Brooke is getting so big! She exclaimed.

Me: thats good, i cant wait till i meet her.

Sam: yes, so when is your baby shower??

Me: oh, um i dont know yet exactly.

Sam: wait you and zayn haven't disscussed this? Is this because him and perrie?

Me: what? No there is nothing going on with them! We just haven't had enough time to talk about it! I was yelling now.

Sam: then why are you getting so defensive?

Me: because all you call me for is to talk shit! After everything i did for you and Brooke you treat me like this!

Sam: you barely do anything! Your such a bitch!

Me: go fuck your self! Your the bitch, and your not invited to baby shower when i do have it!

Sam: seriously! Your overreacting, i didnt do shit!

Me: except talk shit on my boyfriend!

With that i hung up, only to have my mother call me too.

Me: hello i breathed!

Mom: what is this with you and Sam, your sister is so sweet.

Me: seriously your going to take her side?

Mom: she did nothing wrong Britney!

Me: stop calling me that you know i hate it mother! And thanks for asking your grand daughter is a girl! I exclaimed! And i slammed my phone on the counter.

I'm sick an tired of my parents and family always being against me and zayn!

Zayn: Britt is everything okay?

Me: no i cried everybody in my family is so... Ughh i cant stand them!!!

Zayn: c'mon look at the baby's crib.!

When i walked upstairs i noticed the crib was white with pink blankets and 3 stuffed animals. All the bottles were set up nicely. And the diapers still weren't opened.

Zayn: do you like it?

Me: yeah i love it.!!

Zayn: i was thinking maybe buying a new crib when we get back home??

Me: are you crazy? This when is perfect.!

Zayn: your stomach is showing a lot more!

Me: stop, it's not funny i dont like it.!

Zayn: its nothing to be ashamed of. He pulled me onto the bed with him.

Me: see i like this.! Not fighting, everything is perfect.

Zayn: i know. Hey after our show tomorrow do you want to go out on a date?

Me: date?

Zayn: yeah we could do something fun! Like go to the beach?.

Me: what beach?

Zayn: or we can go on a romantic date.

Me: I'd rather go on a romantic date. At a restaurant or something.

Zayn: actually that would be great. Imma go shower, wanna join?

I slowly got up from the bed and joined him in the bathroom.

I got undressed and so did zayn.

Zayn: wow i i haven't seen you naked since, like 3 months ago he laughed while kissing me.

Me: i know, i just dont like my baby bump, well it's not a bump anymore.

Zayn: i love it, its perfect. We both got in the shower and started washing up.

I couldn't help but stare at zayns abs with every movement he made its like they flexed.

After we showered we fell asleep.


5:30 in the afternoon.

I'm backstage waiting for the boys, to start singing.

Of course the first song they sang was live while were young.

The next song was more than this.

Then little things..

I couldn't help but sneak up to the stage and watch them sing. Once zayn noticed me standing there, he moved his whole body to face me. He was singing to me.

It was the sweetest thing. Now I'm even more excited to go on our date. I had everything planned out. I'm going to where a nice white dress, thats shows a little cleavage. But u know he would like it. And now that I'm pregnant, my boobs are bigger.

After the show was over i got on the your bus and hoped in the shower to get ready for our date. I washed my hair, shaved my legs and brushed my teeth again.

I put on my white dress with black high heels, and i put my hair in a nice French braid to the side of my neck. After my hair i did my make up. I had to go all out, i put on cover up, wet eye liner and lots of mascara. You couldn't tell i had a lot on, it looked natural.

I was finally done. My stomach was getting bigger and bigger so this dress makes it look even bigger.

As i walked downstairs I'm guessing zayn took a shower in harrys room because his hair looked perfect and he had a fresh tux on.

Zayn: you look beautiful, as always.

Me: thank you, and you look handsome. I smiled

Zayn: okay I'm driving Paul's car to the restaurant.

The drive was only about 45 mintues.

Once zayn pulled up, the sign read "white Rose" once we walked in all i saw was really rich, high class people.

We walked up to the front of the line.

Zayn: table for Malik.

Waiter: okay mr. And mrs. Malik. Right this way.

I opened my mouth to say we weren't married, but from his eyes maybe it did look like we were. A couple, and the girl is pregnant. It does look like were married.

Once we sat down, i think zayn noticed that i was kout of it.

Zayn: baby whats wrong?

Me: huh, oh nothing just thinking what to order.

Zayn: okay i was thinking i want the Alfredo noodles with some bread sticks

Me: and i would like the famous lasagna with breadsticks also.

The waiter left and came back with some white wine only for zayn, and gave me a sparkling water.

We ate our dinner and talked.

Zayn: so what name are you thinking of? He asked while shoving food into his mouth.

Me: well i like the name Olivia. What about you?

Zayn: i like it, how about you pick the first name and i pick the middle name?

Me: well what do you have in mind?

Zayn: i was thinking Lynn?

Me: Olivia Lynn Malik? I like it i smiled!

Zayn: see that wasn't so hard. She is going to be here in less then four months. I cant wait to hold her!

Me: i know i cant wait for her first steps or her love or her-

Zayn: woah! No her first love is going to be when she is 70

Me: chill i was only joking! I laughed.

Once we got home, we changed and layed down on the bed. Until i heard zayns phone ringing.


Me: some one is calling you. I whispered.

Zayn: do you know who?

Me: no. I lied.

He took the call to the bathroom. Why was he talking to her in the bathroom. I snuck up to the door.

Zayn: no! I love her perrie leave me alone! I left you awhile ago. I dont like you.

At least he said he loved me.

Zayn: can you just stop, your not going to do anything to her, i wont let you touch her.

As soon as zayn hung up. I jumped right back into bed.

Me: who was it?

Zayn: perrie, well nobody in important.


Zayn: dont he mad please she only called because-

But i didnt let him finish i have a kiss on the lips and it was long. He kissed back immediately.

Zayn: so are you going to tell me why you were out of it at diner?

Me: how did you know i was lying?

Zayn: 1) because i love you 2) because everytime you dont tell the truth you blink really fast.

Me: no i dont. I said.

Zayn: yes you do.

Me: whatever i joked. So Nicole is coming tomorrow.

Zayn: is she?

Me: yeah she is going to fly down here then she is going to be back stage with me and then when liam comes out, they will hug and blah blah blah.

Zayn: thats sweet.

We fell asleep in each other's arm..


Still britts pov.

Today is the day Nicole comes!

I'm beyond happy and i know liam is going to be happy to.

Zay s still is sleeping so i got up to go to a shower. While i was showering i felt a sudden pain in my stomache. I know it wasn't a bad pain cause soon after i felt Olivia kick like crazy. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Then suddenly she stopped kicking and the pain came back.

This time the pain was unbearable. I had to sit down for a little but while i let the hot water just pour down on me.

I Must have been there for awhile cause soon zayn in.

Zayn: baby?

Me: yeah. I'm almost done i lied.

Zayn: you okay?

Me: no i cried im in pain.

Zayn: here I'm coming in.

Me: no dont come in please. I'm fine I'll be out now.

Before zayn pulled back the curtain picked me up and throw a towel over me and he layed me out on bed.

Zayn: i wont go to the show today i promise I'll stay with you.

Me: zayn just take me to the hospital please.

Zayn: your six months right?

Me: whats the date?

Zayn sept 14. Why whats going on?

Me: I'm seven months today.

Zayn: seven months already?

Me: um hm. I think cause we never had sex before that.

Zayn: i know, I'm not stupid babe but we had sex after that too.

Me: zayn i know. Just take me some where please.

When i got up the pain shot up threw my back. I couldn't walk anymore.

Zayn: what?

Me: i cant walk the pain is bad.

Zayn called paul up, and paul called the ambulance. Within mintues a ambulance was there.

All the boys seemed worried, and harry harry was the worst he was all red and sweating. I think he was worse then me.

Zayn and harry rode with me in the ambulance.

Once we pulled up to a hospital in Philly, cause thats were we were. Harry and zayn jumped out and rushed to my side along with the boys. I was scared nervous even.

The doctors put me in a room where they took my information and gave me clothes to change in. They told me that my baby was fully grown and was ready to come out.

Me: wait my due date isn't till two more months.

Doctor: well we have to do it today due to the way the baby is chocking her self with the umbilical cord. Its a life or death.

Me: okay let's do it, I'm not ready but she is.

All the boys just looked at me as if i was crazy.

They prepped me for everything and put in the delivery room i was a nervous wreck.

Zayn: you can do this and remember i love you and I'm going to be here with you.

Me: i know I'm just scared, and I'm just not ready i cried.

Zayn: but you are cause I'm not leaving you and I'll help you! It's okay everything's fine. Baby he kissed my forehead.

Me: um boys i think its time for you guys to leave the room.

Liam: yeah thats fine, we will be waiting right out side. He have me a hug.

Harry: okay you got this Britt, I'll see you soon. He kissed my forehead

Louis: yeah, good luck my niece will be beautiful.

Niall: yeah she will be. He also hugged me.

Now it was me and zayn with a couple of doctors.

They opened my legs and put them on this metal thing.


Nurse: okay due to the fact that you only are Seven months, we may have to keep the baby in the nicu.

Nurse: okay push.

I pushed for about a hour and finally her head was out.

Nurse: push one time.

I pushed for ten more seconds and finally she was out.

Me: zayn hurry cut the cord.

He cut the cord and they quickly took her blanket and wrapped her up.

Listening to her crying made me want to cry.

Zayn: you did it, we did it. Our little girl is here.

I looked up at him and saw tears in his eyes.

Me: dont cry please, she's fine right? I looked at the doctors as they brought her back in to us.

She was beautiful. She had dark brown hair, and long eyelashes.

Everytime she sucked her pacifier, you could see her dimples.

Her nose was exactly zayns! It was amazing to see her.

Zayn: can i hold her?

Me: yeah but go get the boys.

Zayn went out and grabbed the boys.

Harry: oh my god, she's beautiful.

Liam: she looks just like you and zayn.

Louis: look at her dimples.

Niall: her and the i can have play dates eh? He chuckled.

After that the nurse took her away and explained to me, that when she gains some weight she can go home. But that me and zayn were welcomed to stay.

Me: okay I'll stay.

Zayn: I'll stay too.

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