Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


9. I'm no good at titles

When we got to the hotel we've been staying at for the past few weeks while we were in America all the boys pulled me up to the three rooms we were all sharing ( louis and I Liam and Niall and ZAYN and Harry to prevent bickering) we all piled into louis' and I's room.

" ok sky what kind of party do you want?" Louis asked. " potato party!" Niall yelled " no you idiot" Harry said slapping him in the chest making him fall off the arm of the couch. I scooted over to him ( cause I was sitting on the floor with louis) and helped him to sit up. " shame Harold!" I shouted and pointed to the corner " time out"

The boys were in fits of laughter as he yells back " no way I didn't do anything!" " yeah you did" I said trying to contain my laughter." No he was being stupid.....wait why am I fighting with you your my LITTLE sister" he says realizing I was winning ( not really)

" what does it matter?" I asked getting quite offended." That means you can't punish me, I'm older" he says standing up and smirking as if he had won. I stood up and put my hands on my hips " well Harry..." I said stepping over Niall so that me and Harry were toe to toe. " I am a girl, girls always win" I said as I pointed over all the laughing boys to the corner. " now go or I'll get Paul" I threatened.

He snorted" is that supposed to scare me" he said crossing his arms " yes actually" I smiled as I jumped over Niall and walked to the door " because right now, Paul is taking a nap, he gets cranky if he doesn't get his sleep. Isn't that right Harry?" I smiled as I reached for the door knob. His face turned bright red and slowly unfolded his arms. " now you and I both know he wouldn't hurt poor little old me, but you he has no problem with" I smirked and turned the handle.

Suddenly all the boys stopped laughing and got an ' oh shit ' face." No! No no wait sky don't do that" Harry begged. " then what will you do in return?" I laughed. Harry sighed and walked to the corner. " yes!" I shouted letting go of the handle and jumping up and down " told you girls win Harry" I teased and sat down with the other boys, receiving high fives from louis and Niall on either side of me. " ok Harry, get back over here I was just teasing I said looking at the grumpy, curly haired boy in the corner.

Sorry it's short :(

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