Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


7. chapter

As promised after recording I took all the boys out to Nandos for lunch. And yes all the boys because they were all complaining that they were hungry so unfortunately I did take all of them and Paul too, because Paul's their body guard so he has to come with us basically everywhere except home. But you know maybe he can help me keep the boys under control for the slightest of time.

When we got there Niall wouldn't sit still."dude calm down it's just food" Liam laughed next to him."exactly"Niall yelled."I am starving the last time I ate it was like what two hours are you kidding me two hours I can't wait that long without food Liam"

Liam and the rest of the boys laughed at him and he started to pout again " I swear your stomach is like a black hole" ZAYN giggled along side of me. I couldn't help but chuckle " aww don't worry ni " I said as I wrapped an arm around him " it's cute when you pig out " Niall then got a satisfied smile as he pointed to me " see ZAYN she thinks it's cute" I laughed as ZAYN stated a simple " whatever" and started to eat his food.

" hey sky" louis shouted from across the table " lower your voice lad " Liam nearly whispered back " oh calm down no ones here we're not disturbing anyone" louis shot back. Before a argument could start I Turned to louis " yeah Lou" I smiled to him and he copied my actions smiling right back at me. " I was just wondering if we can tell Harry and the other lads what tomorrow is" he said with a cheeky grin as he swallowed down some of his own food.

" yeah sure" I said as my head turned to look down at my hands as opened and closed my fingers repeatedly. I did weird movements with my hands often( not in a dirty way, get your mind out of the gutter) because I have ADHD, it's a disorder it basically means you can't sit still or focus on something vary long. Which is mostly true accept Harry and the other lads have been helping my to stay focused more. Especially Liam, he gets my attention nearly every time I space out by calling my name or something, if that doesn't work small objects usually get thrown in my face.

I felt a tap at my shoulder and looked up to see Liam with a small smile on his face " you thinking about something love?" He asked in a sweet tone. I smiled at the gesture and shook my head "just spacing again, thanks Liam" I smiled and looked to louis who had a big smile plastered on his face.

" can I tell them" he smiled. I Laughed " sure Lou" he jumped up and down as he yelled " tomorrow is sky's. birthday!" I turned red with embarrassment as nearly every employee in the restaurant turned and starred at us like we were crazy.

Harry's face went paler than a ghost and sinks in his seat and mumbles" oh god of all things THATS what I forget" I turned my head to the floor and tapped my foot as I twisted my fingers around each other.

Niall wrapped his arms around me and laughed " how old you gonna be love" I looked up and gave him a cheesy grin " 16 just like you" his smile got even bigger as he tightened his grip. " oh my god some one younger than me lads" he looked up to make sure they were listening. They all gave little chuckles minus Harry who still seemed to feel guilty."Harry's younger" I laughed. " that's not the same" he wined. I rolled my eyes

" so what you want to do?" ZAYN smiled." Oh.. I don't know I don't really ever do anything on my birthday actually " I said rubbing my arm. Niall scooted a bit closer giving me a comfortable squeeze." Well you have to do something it's your birthday" he said looking down at me.

" yeah nothing is unacceptable!" Louis yelled. Liam shing once again. Louis rolled his eyes." If you don't do something will force you" louis threatened "I don't know doing things....it's just not natural"I said in a sarcastic tone." Don't use that sass with me" louis pointed to me I giggled."why I thought you liked it your all about sass"

" whatever, just tell me if I need to plan a surprise party or not"I laughed " um I don't know Harry what do you think?" I asked turning to the pale and silent Harry. " what? Oh um I don't know either" he said slumping back in his chair " does that mean party then?". Louis asked in a hopeful voice. I giggled " sure louis, party" " YEAH!" All the boys cheered even Liam, surprise surprise.

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