Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


16. can we talk

We all pulled out of the car. Louis rubbed his eyes as he released me from his death grip. I chuckled to my self as I guided him to our room, fallowed by the rest of the boys.

" sky I'm tired" louis whined as we walked down the hall of hotel rooms. " that's why I'm bringing you to your room so you can go to bed" a giggled. "Ok" he said, sounding extremely out of if as he wrapped his arms around my waist again. Using me as a guide because he decided he didn't want to want to keep his eyes open anymore.

As we got to our rooms everyone retreated to their beds, besides Harry who walked up to me as I opened louis and Is room door. " sky when you get him to bed can we talk?" He asked quietly.

" um sure Harry, I'll be right out" I gave him a slight smile and walked louis to his bed, lying him down. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out. I smiled at him and stood up, walking back to the front door to meet Harry.

I walked out and smiled at Harry, closing the door quietly behind me to make sure I didn't wake anyone up. He gestured for me to fallow him down the hall, I gladly fallowed him and jogged up to his side.

" what did you want to talk to me about Harry" I asked twiddling my finders as we walked. He sighed " well about today at the park..." He trailed off. " did I do something wrong?" I asked concerned he was mad at me for something I did.

" no, no you didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to ask you something" he said fast. I let out a sigh of relief " what did you want to ask?" I said turning on my heal as we reached the end of the hall.

Harry took a deep breath "do you like louis" he asked, I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at the ground. "Why would you think I like louis?"

" do you like him?" He asked again more curiosity and worry filling his voice."no, louis my best friend" I said, you can't like your best friend, can you?

Harry wrapped me up in a hug an walked me back to my hotel room. " night sky" he smiled to me as we pulled out of our hug. " bye Harry" I said and gave him a small wave. I watched him walk away and slowly closed my door.

Once closed I ran and flopped on my bed, looking up to the dark nothingness that surrounded me. I thought about the fact of liking louis or not. And the more I thought, the more I hated my answer, Yes.I huffed and curled up into a ball, and for the first time thinking about something for longer than ten minutes, right now it's been over three hours.

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