New Years Day

I will write a personal chapter for new years day just for you... You could have a romance, a gift, a new years resolution to follow, a big party, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my new years day chapter for you x


3. Rosalind: Tardis In My Bedroom

Rosie was 14, and pretty. She has blue eyes, and brown shoulder-length hair. She is obsessed with One Direction, always listening to their songs, and she even plays their songs perfectly on the piano. She loves watching Dr Who, and dreams about flying in their Tardis.

One day she was practising her flute solo in her bedroom, when the ground began to shake s little. She heard a whirring sound, and a familiar groaning sound. "Mum! Beasley must have stood on the TV remote! Turn Dr Who down before the house falls down!" When no reply came Rosie remembered that she was home alone, and her mum was out working at the moment. Rosie dropped her flute on the bed, and sighed as she went to go towards her bedroom door.


Rosie gasped at the sight of a blue object starting to appear, blocking her doorway. She was trapped, and terrified at this point in time. But as the blue box shape came into focus, Rosie gasped in amazement. It was the Tardis! "The Tardis is actually in my bedroom! I have to be dreaming!" Rosie pinched herself, but she didn't wake up. She walked towards the Tardis, and touched it. It was hard. She knocked on the side of it. It sounded hollow. The Tardis was really there. She pinched herself again, nothing happened. This was real. Not her imagination, not the dark playing tricks on her, and certainly not a mirage.

Suddenly the door on the Tardis burst open, sending Rosie flying into a wall, as she cried out in pain upon impact.David Tennant ran towards Rosie, with Matt Smith following close behind him. "I'm ever so sorry, I didn't know you were there!" David Tennant cried out in shock, as he knelt beside Rosie to assist her. He began scanning rosie with his screwdriver. "Nope, nothing broken, your lucky". David Tennant stood up, and helped Rosie to her feet. Rose brushed herself off, and said "are you guys really in my bedroom??" Matt Smith said "yep". David Tennant said quickly "sorry no time to chat, get in!" Matt Smith headed towards the Tardis. Rosie stood there as David Tennant said "you are coming arn't you?" Rosie didn't know what to say, so she just nodded obediently, and made her way towards the Tardis. Deep down she was really excited, but also very nervous at the same time.

As soon as she got in David Tennant and Matt Smith began fighting for the controls. Rosie ended up battling Darleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen. She spent weeks with the two doctors. When she finally got dropped off at home because she felt home sick, and was missing her cat, it was the same moment in time when she had left in the Tardis. She waved good bye to the two doctors as they disappeared with the Tardis.

On New Years Days the two doctors returned once more, begging Rosie to be their next companion. Rosie agreed to their offer, and thought to herself 'this will be the best new years day ever!'

May 2014 bring you a bright future... Make the most of it though, theres only 365 and a quarter days in a year!
You never know, you may one day get to meet your favourite dictors... Maybe not a ride in the Tardis, but you will feel like you have! :D

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