High School Days

This is the story of how Niall, Demi, Selena, Justin, Ariana, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and more survive high school through the ups and downs, relationships, drama, lies, and romance.


1. Meeting Niall

Hi guys!! This is a new celeb fanfic I'm writing. I didn't know what genre of fanfic to put it in so I just put it in 1D. Basically, this is about the romance and drama that would happen if celebrities were in high school.

There is going to be some touchy subjects in this book like cutting, depression, suicide etc. so be warned!!

Also the relationships in this book will be changing (like I said a lot of drama) so here are the main couples:





And more...

If you like it, comment and add to your reading list. If you don't... Well... Sorry!! XD

Ok.. On with the story..


Niall's POV

The first day back at school after a long summer break is always the worst. I sighed as I walked through the doors. Just one more year and I'd be out of here. The thought brought a smile to my face. Ever since we moved to America from Ireland it's been tough for my family and I. Mostly for me, because I miss all my friends. Here it's different. No one seems to notice me. It's the same old thing every day... that's why I want to move back. I miss home.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice when I bumped into someone on my way to my locker. Papers went flying everywhere as a black backpack skidded across the floor. Through the midst of everything I saw that the person I bumped into was a girl. A pretty girl, with dark brown hair, rosy cheeks, and the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen. She scurried to pick everything up and I began to help her.

She looked up without saying a word. Oh god Niall, think of something!! "S-sorry," I stammered. Oh God, I just stuttered. A blush rose to my cheeks. She was just so cute...

"It's okay," she laughed. "What can I say, I'm a klutz."

"No, I think it was my fault, actually, I wasn't paying attention." I said with a smile. She cocked her head to the side in interest. "Is that an Irish accent I hear?" She asked.

"Yeah, I just moved here a year ago from there," I said.

Her eyes widened. "A year?!" She asked. I looked at the floor and nodded. "Why haven't I seen you around before then?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, no one really seems to notice me," I said with a sheepish smile. As soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to smack myself on the forehead. Nice going, Niall. No one says that!!

She rolled her eyes and shook her head like she didn't believe it. "So what year are you?"

"I'm a junior, and you?"

"Same." she looked me up and down. "What's your name?"


"Well, nice to meet you Niall. I'm Demi."

"Nice to meet you too," I mumbled. We were almost finished picking up the papers. People had to step over us just to get where they needed to go. I grabbed for the last paper just as Demi did, and our hands touched for a split second. Electricity seemed to course through my veins. She blushed and pulled her hand away and I handed the paper to her.

"Well, Niall...maybe I'll see you around?" She said as she slung her backpack back over her shoulder, her lips turning into a half-smile that made my heart skip a beat.

"Y-yeah," I stammered again, hating myself for it. "Maybe we'll have some classes with each other."

"Yeah, definitely. Or maybe lunch?" She suggested.

"Lunch sounds good," I said, my stomach nearly growling just thinking about it.

"Cool. Just... Uh, meet me by the Cafeteria?"

"Okay," I said.

"Like I said, it was nice meeting you, Niall. I hope our other encounters won't be so... Well, disastrous."

I laughed. "See you, Demi."

She waved as she started to walk away. "Bye," she said with a cute little laugh that continued to ring in my ears long after she'd left.

I watched her walk away. "Demi," I said to myself. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts before walking to class.


Demi's POV

I shook my head, smiling as I walked to my locker. I couldn't believe I'd never even seen that blond Irish guy around anywhere. He seemed like a cool guy, I definitely wanted to get to know him better. He also seemed really shy... I wonder if I could work on that to make him come out of his shell. I was good at things like that.

Just as I was about to reach my locker, my best friend, Selena, rushed up to me. As usual her boyfriend, Justin, was with her, their fingers intertwined. They were inseparable, it was so cute. I'd actually been the one to set them up in the first place. What can I say? I'm a matchmaker.

"Demi!" She squealed, letting go of Justin for once and leaning over to hug me.

"Hey! Didn't we just hang out last night?" I asked, amused.

"Don't you know? It's tradition to act like you haven't seen your friends all summer when you get back from break. God, Demi, get with the program," Justin teased.

"Yeah, Demi, get with the program," Selena echoed, nestling into Justin's arm. He kissed her on the cheek.

"Whatever, guys," I laughed. "Hey, there's a new kid from Ireland that I want you guys to meet."

"Ireland?" Selena cocked her head.

"Yeah... I mean, he's not new," I corrected myself, feeling a little bad for some reason. "He's actually been here for a year. But anyway, I met him and he's really cool, and maybe he can have lunch with us today?"

"Cool," Selena smiled.

"Swaggie," Justin said.

"Oh God, please never say that again," I groaned.

Selena rolled her eyes. "Believe me, I've tried to get him to stop saying it. Not really working out very well."

"Oh please, I know you love it," Justin teased, wrapping his arms around her.

"Well, maybe a little," Selena admitted, leaning up to give him a kiss.

"Alright, lovebirds," I groaned as they continued to kiss. I turned to my locker and began working the combination. Just as I was about to open it and haul my backpack into my locker, I felt a strong hand clamp around my mouth from behind, the other holding my torso. My eyes widened and the hand muffled my scream.


A/N: woah, what just happened?! LOL cliffhanger!

For those of you that read the whole way through, I hope you liked the first chapter of High School Days. Like I said, I'll try to update as often as I can.



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