The Outsiders

What if Johnny never killed the socs and died and What if Dallas didn't die. This is the story of what happens when 1 girl named Alex and her brother named David moved to Tulsa Oklahoma after her parents moved to the west side of Oklahoma after Alex got in a fight with some girls at school. On her first day of school she meets some people that would change her life forever.


3. The Walk

* I edited the 2 chapter* 

                                                      My dad is always busy. He works all night and all day but, not because he needs money but, because he doesn't like me and my brother. After my mom and sister died he just lost it became abusive. He keeps on telling us that we should've died not them. He says that there death was accident but I was there so was David. I was only 6 and David was 10. He was trying to kill us but they fell for the trick and we saw him kill them. After that we moved to New York and saw some things that we shouldn't have to see or live with. My thoughts were interrupted by my brother. "Hey Alex want to meet my friends." I looked up at him with a confused look. "Why?" "Because you don't have any friends and I know how much you want to see a movie."  "Fine." He dragged me to the group of boys I see at the park. "Hey David." Some dude with a Mickey shirt said."Hey Two-Bit." He said to who I assume is Two-Bit. "Who's  this your girlfriend." A boy in a brown leather jacket said getting closer to me. "Ewww no i'm his sister!" I say backing away from him. "Aww whats the matter honey scared." He said getting closer to me. "You should've of said that Dally." David said but it was to late. I quickly punched "Dally" in the face that gave him a bloody nose. "One thing you should know about me is that i'm never  scared." With that I walked the rest of the way to school.

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