Seeing her again

Mekenna has went on a trip with her best friend Noelle.On the way they had a horible storm and what happens next read to find out.


1. The trip

 Bye mom!!!!  Ill be back in about 2 weeks. I will send you messages and souvineares so dont be scared!! bye honny!! I LOVE YOU! omg this is such a huge ship dad. thanks hon we are going to have a great ride. hey dad what is that swirling in the sky???? TORNATO!!!!! take cover!! Noelle come on. I cant i am not going to make it! I love you please tell my parents i love the , and tell then i will always be with them and thank you for being there for me!! ahhhhhh!!!  NOELLE!~!!! Come on we have to take cover come... no dont you see noelle has just got sunken into a tornato do you not care?? come on now if i lose you i will ahve no one left! but dad.. no buts come on now!!! fine. Wait dad what are we doing are we flying?? Dad we are getting suked in!! Dad i love you!!!i love you...

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