Kierans Calling

Kieran had it all: money, popularity and was totally hot. The one thing he didn't have was a girlfriend! Could country girl Sophie-Lee be the answer to all his prayers? Hear the story from her point if view.


1. 1: Wild Heart

~she needs a wild heart, I got a wild heart~ as said by Brad Simpson. This is what my boyfriend Sam said to me right before he died last year. To this day I've never forgotten it. He was Kieran's best mate, apart from Kit of course. But how could I bring myself to not having him in my life, he has been since I was about 9! Can you imagine that, 11 flipping years and then he's gone in an instant. And now I have to bring myself to his grave to tell him the truth- that I love Kieran. No no NO! I can't do that to him!! He may be dead but they were so close. No, wait, it's for the best.

~wild heart, that's just what you are~ that's what Sam always said to me even when we were young love. Compare that to what Kieran says

~girl, you're my superstar~ which is better!!

Both are super hot. Or shall I say Sam was super hot then instead :(

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