Rules and scripts about twilight and Harry potter

Script EG.Emmett:hi Edward Cedric:eddy who?emmett:eddy is Edward Cedric:I'm not Edwardvbut if it helps(pulls wand out and kills him)Cedric:bye

Crap I know but it was an example I am sorry if I offend anybody I am a potterhead and a twihard I have written 2 twilight books so I do like it but I like Harry potter a tiny weeny bit more.
Sorry if I offend anyone


1. Rules of Harry potter

1)only kill people with Avada kdavra.

2)say you know who not voldermort(to suffer his wrath)

3)never mess with Molly weasley 

4)always miss Fred weasley (never forget him or suffer my wrath)

5)bellatrix is not to be passed without extreme cation.


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