Rules and scripts about twilight and Harry potter

Script EG.Emmett:hi Edward Cedric:eddy who?emmett:eddy is Edward Cedric:I'm not Edwardvbut if it helps(pulls wand out and kills him)Cedric:bye

Crap I know but it was an example I am sorry if I offend anybody I am a potterhead and a twihard I have written 2 twilight books so I do like it but I like Harry potter a tiny weeny bit more.
Sorry if I offend anyone


8. Harry Potter Jokes

I'm a new author but deal with it



Dumbledore: What do you say when you pick up the phone?

Ron: What up?

Hermione: Who dis be?

Harry: No she's dead this is her son


Harry and Ron in their 2nd or 3rd year in the forest

Ron: Harry we're gonna die!

Harry: Yup

Ron: We're gonna die virgins!

Harry: Nope

Ron: Ginny?

Harry: Yup


Sorry that the second joke is kinda dirty

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