Midnight Memories

Noah is a girl who everybody thinks is perfect. She has gorgeous light orange hair with blonde highlights. She has cute little freckles on her soft white skin. And beautiful aqua green eyes. She has all the talent a person could ever want, he sing amazingly, dance, play guitar, piano, and drums, draw, and play almost every sport out there. But what people don't know about her is her dark past. She builds her walls up do high nobody can climb them, or knock them down. When One Direction comes into the picture, will they be able to knock them down?


2. Crushed

December 25,

Christmas day, 7:00am (Setting-California)

Noah's POV 


I woke up to my annoying alarm clock. Uggghhhhhh, I said sighing while I got out of bed. Today was Christmas, good right? Wrong. My aunt always has church in our backyard, and then a party. Every single year! And every year more and more people come, so this year there are about 200 people. I have to sing a Christmas song, then 'Its Your Life'. It's not a Christmas song but still very good. I hopped into my huge shower in my room. I washed my hair and body, shaved and hopped out. I put lotion on my skin and went into my walk in closet. I picked out my church out fit which was, a black and red dress, and on the back by the neck is this flower lace thing, them some red wedges. I layed that out on my bed, and picked out my outfit to go outside and practice my songs and probably play some football with my cousins. I wore some black and white running short shorts and my ice hockey sweatshirt that says, 'Snype' on it because I was the captain in the team, well actually I'm captain on all of my team sports. I took the elevator down stairs because I was too lazy to walk down the stairs. I walked into the bathroom forgetting to put my hair in a bun. Then I put on my Nike basketball shoes, and headed into the music room. I got my most special guitar, which was the one my dad gave to me right before he died. Then I went on the rocking bench that's in the garden right by the pool and starting practicing. I got destracted because I was looking at the woods that lead to the beach. But when we first moved here I descovered a huge tree that's pretty easy to climb and you could see the beach from up there. After coming out of my thoughts I started practicing again. I've been a lot because I didn't want to mess up infront if a 200 people."Noah Jane Snype!" my mom screamed at me. I turned around and smiled at her, "hey" I said sweetly. "Can you stop practing oh my fucking god! You annoy the hell out of me!" she screamed snatching my special guitar out of my hands. "I'm gonna break this if I here you practicing one more time before church!" I was in the edge of crying, "No you wouldn't dare. Dad gave that to me!" I said now totally regretting. Because every time I bring dad up she gets angry. "Now that you said that. I'm breaking it, " she snapped it in half like a twig. "I fucking hate your guts! I-I can't believe you just did that!" I yelled back at he'd with tears falling freely down my cheeks. I ran down our back yard, and totally jumped over our 4 feet fence. I was actually really surprised but I kept on running all the way down to that tree I was telling you about. It was pretty far away though, like a little less then a mile. I climbed up the tree really fast and cried my heart out. 


Nialls POV 

The guys and I were all spending Christmas together with our families. We decided where we wanted to go, and we decided California because it was so pretty out there. So we rented this huge and I mean huge house kinda close to the beach. Harry's mom sent the boys and I to some shop to get some food, and we were now on our way back, "So do Yiu guys want to go swimming this afternoon I'd it warms up a little more?" Liam asked, "Of course!" we all shouted 

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