How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


20. eighteen

Oh my god, what the hell?, I whipped out my phone and texted Niall asap!

Have you seen the newspapers!! What the hell?

I clicked send, I walked out of the shop not even getting what I needed I ran out and ran home, once I got home I checked my phone

One new message


Hey will I collect you?

I clicked reply

Yeah I'm at home

And pressed send, I walked in and went into the kitchen I was still waiting for Niall to reply, while waiting for Dave I checked Twitter, Niall had tweeted 10 minutes ago I texted him 15 minutes ago, I was getting abit annoyed now. Just then Dave knocked the door and we went to meet some friends.

Niall's POV

I arrived about 12:30, everyone was waiting at home for me, the first person I saw when I went in was my ex girlfriend Holly, she ran up and wrapped her arms around my neck, "Niall! Hey I missed you! It's amazing to see you, you look savage" she smiled at me, "Hey Holly, yeah thanks, you too" I said trying to get out of her grip, then my mother came up "now Niall, where's the lovely Kelly Anne we've been hearing all about?" She asked, "Is that all you have to say ma?" I laughed "Of course not come here, I've missed you so much" she started crying, "I've missed you too much ma" I said to her kissing her forehead after saying hello and talking to everyone, they all started heading home, I was up in my room with my nephew Theo showing him all the presents I got him, when I seen Holly come up she came in and sat on the bed, I just looked at her, "Yeah?" I asked her, "I came for a chat" she smiled cheekily, "okay so talk" I smiled I missed talking to Holly, "So me and brad broke up" she said sadly, "sorry to hear that" I said to her, "so who's this Kelly Anne girl?" She asked punching my arm playfully, "she's amazing" that's all I could say and she nodded "Hey Little man, did you know your uncle Niall is so sweet" she said to Theo smiling at me. I felt my phone vibrate, I didn't get a chance to look at it because theo started crying so I left my phone on the bed and brought Theo down to Denise and Greg, Holly followed me, I ran back to get my phone i didn't look at the message I went onto Twitter and tweeted

"@NiallOfficial great to be back in Ireland, no time like family time, love them guys! Xx"

I left my phone down, then watched movies with the family and visited people.

-4 hours later-

I only got home from my old friend Conor's house I had forgotten all about my phone all day I grabbed it from the counter and read my 7 messages and 3 missed calls








Missed calls all from Kelly. shit!

I looked at my messages and replied

Hey baby, I'm so sorry everything has been madness! Didn't mean to worry you, no I haven't why what's up? Hope your enjoying home, see you tomorrow miss you loads:( xxxxx

I sat and waited for her reply, it came quickly

Hey Ni, yeah okay, you need to go look m, we are all over them!!!! It'll be better when your here, love you xxxxxx

I smiled to myself, then I realised the paps went public before we could!

I pressed reply

Want to go public? Love you too baby xxxxxxx

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