How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


13. chapter twelve

Kelly-Anne's POV

I was awoken by a knock on the door, Niall was wrapped around me and we were both naked. I slowly moved his arms and tried to swing my legs up to get my clothes, I tried to stand "oww" I shouted and Niall woke up, "hey hey" he pulled me back down to bed and covered me with the blanket "I'll get it" he smiled as he jumped up out of bed and pulled on his boxers and trousers, they knocked again "Two minutes!" Niall shouted, as he grabbed all my clothes and put them in the corner, I pulled the blanket up to my chin and rolled over and pretended to be asleep. Niall ran over and got the door. Louis stood there "about time!" He said "We were asleep, Kelly still is" he gestured over to me. "We were going to get food, wanted to know if you wanted to come" He shook my head "nah I'm going to get a shower bring me and Kelly back something" he said, "Okay" Louis said, and then the door was shut. I sat up the blanket still wrapped around me "Ni" I coughed, He looked up, "can you pass me a shirt?" I smiled he threw me over his vest with a smile, "thanks" I smiled back as he jumped on to the bed beside me. "Are you okay?" He asked me, "I'm quite sore, but I'll be okay" I smiled, "good" he leaned over and kissed me. "I need to go toilet, this is really embarrassing, will you help me up?" I laughed and bit my lip, "sure will" he jumped up and ran over, he grabbed my arm and put it around his shoulder, "thanks" I smiled once I was stood up my legs stopped wobbling, "I'm okay now" I laughed, "Call me if you need me" he winked I pushed him laughing and he pulled me close kissing me, I pulled away wobbling into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror I grabbed the hair tie off my wrist and threw my hair into a messy bun on top of my head, I went over to the toilet. Ouch it hurts! After I was finished, I stood up and walked out to my suitcase I got fresh underwear and stood back up but my legs went from underneath me. "ouch!" I cried out while landing on the floor, Niall was up on his feet beside me "hey you okay?" He asked while trying not to laugh, "shut up, you did this to me" I pouted, he helped me up and sat me on the bed, I got my underwear, "turn" I smiled "really?" He raised an eyebrow, "Yes" I laughed. He turned and I pulled up my underwear "okay you can look now" I said as he turned around and walked over to the bed and sat down beside me, "I can't apologise enough for hurting you" he took my hand, "it's fine Niall" I smiled squeezing his hand gently. "So Horan, what are we doing today" I asked. "Watch some movies with the boys?" He smiled at me, "yeah and food" I smiled back as he took out his phone to ring the boys and tell them to get movies and food. I got out of bed and wobbled over to my suitcase I sat on the floor and opened the case I took out my black sweats and a grey Rolling Stones t shirt and a pair of white socks, I pulled on the socks and sweats, when Niall was off the phone I smiled "Hey Ni, could you pass me my bra?" I laughed, "no I want to keep it" he smiled "Niaaaaaalllllllll" I pouted, he brought my pink laced bra over "need any help babe?" He asked sitting beside me, "nope" I laughed. "Turn around" I smiled he did as he was told I pulled off his t shirt and put on the bra and then pulled on my shirt, "you can look" he turned and I zipped up my case, and stood up and went over to make the bed, "Hey Niall will you bring over my clothes and the basket?" I asked. "Yeah sure" he smiled bringing them over, I threw my dirty clothes into the basket and Niall grabbed his and threw them in, "we'll do them later with the lads" he smiled. "Hey can I have a kiss on the cheek?" Niall asked, I raised my eye brow at him and went to kiss him on the cheek but he moved his head and I ended up kissing him on the lips, but I didn't pull away. I sat on the bed and pulled him down with me. I swiped my tongue along his lip looking for entry he let me in no problem, then his phone rang. He jumped up and ran over to get it "It's Lou" "well answer, in starving!" I laughed. "Hey Lou, what's up?, your room? Okay" he hung up, "Come on babe, food!" He said running over to me. I stood up and he came over to me " want a piggyback wobbly?" I smacked his chest playfully, "are you going to put on a shirt and fix your hair? You have sex hair" I said biting my lip, "you love it, don't be a tease" as he pulled on a shirt. I then stood on the bed and got on Niall's back, he grabbed the key from the dressing table and we went out the door, we locked it behind us and Niall set us off to Louis's room. We got to room 318, Niall knocked the door and I got down, then realised neither of us were wearing shoes. A very happy Louis was standing at the door, "we have food and films and more food!" He shouted. "Good!, I'm starving" I smiled Louis looked at us "why aren't you wearing shoes?" He asked "weren't bothered putting them on" I smiled he stood aside to let me and Niall in, "we got you chicken nuggets and chips Kelly and 2 burgers and large chips for Niall" Zayn smiled. "Cool" Niall smiled as we sat around the table "we don't have enough chairs" Louis said. "We'll share" I smiled at Niall and at everyone "okay" Harry said and we all sat down I sat on Niall's knee and we all started to eat Niall ate most of my food, when everyone was finished we went and sat on the couch and the floor because not all of is could fit on the couch, Niall, Louis and Liam sat on the couch and me Harry and Zayn sat on the floor. I sat at Niall's legs as he played with my hair "so what films have we boys?" "Toy story, the notebook and the lucky one" Liam said "great selection guys!" Niall laughed, "Oh my god I love them films!" I shouted. "So what's first?" Zayn asked "the lucky one definitely!" I said. Harry got up and turned it on, " I love Zac Efron! He's the most beautiful man I have ever seen!" I laughed, "ahem" I looked behind me to see Louis and Niall looking at me seriously "what?" I asked "I think you mean I'm the most beautiful man you've ever seen?" Louis smirked "No she means me Lou!" Niall smirked. "Losers, she means me" Harry laughed I just turned and laughed and started to watch the film again.

Niall's POV

We watched all of "The lucky one" and we started "The notebook" Kelly was now in between me and Louis and Liam was on the floor it was half 8 and half way through the film and Kelly was asleep on my shoulder, "hey guys, I'm going to bring Kell back up to the room and hit the bed. One of you's want to help me?" Louis offered he moved Kelly slightly trying not to wake her but enough to let me get up and pick her up, I picked her up bridal style and me and Louis walked out the door. We walked up to my door and I told Louis to grab my key from my pocket and open the door. He opened the door and I walked in and put Kelly on the bed gently, I walked back over to Louis, "thanks Lou, what time are we leaving at tomorrow?" "we have rehearsals at 1:30" he replied. "Alright man see you later, call down we'll play FIFA or something" I smiled "see ya later man" he said walking away, I shut the door and walked back over to bed, I pulled off my t shirt and sweats I picked Kelly back up and pulled back the covers and put her down. She woke "Ni, take off my sweats?, too tired", "yeah sure baby" I smirked as I pulled off her sweats and left her in her shirt and climbed over her into my side of the bed and pulled her close to me, "Night Ni" she looked up and kissed my cheek "Night Kell" I pulled her face up and kissed her gently in her lips.

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