How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


3. chapter three

I was walking away when I heard my ringtone "All I want" by kodaline I took out my phone Unknown caller, I pressed answer "Hey it's Niall, turn around"I turned to see Niall and Louis leaning against a black range rover, it was beautiful the jeep and the two boys "What's up?" I shouted back to them "Want a lift?" Louis smiled at me, Niall smiled "c'mere" I walked back towards them "really it's fine I only live around the corner" I smiled at them "well then it won't be much hassle will it"Niall said opening the passenger door "SHOT GUN!!!!!" Louis screamed Niall and I looked at him "Alright Lou, you can be in the front" I smiled as I jumped into the back it'll be better back here anyway I won't be seen by any fans. "so what do you do job wise" Niall asked smiling Louis looked back and winked at me, "I just got a job in Rubies Hair place" I smiled "Awesome so your a hairdresser?" Niall said to me "yeah I am". Louis looked back at me then at Niall then at me again like something just went off in his head. "What Louis?" Niall asked him not taking his eyes off the road "We need a stylist!!" Louis smiled back at me "hey Kelly want to be our stylist, well you'd probably have to do like a trial run" Louis smiled at me happily at me "Whoa slow it Louis" I smiled. "Hey Kelly where do you live?" Niall asked me I told him my address, "No way" he smiled at me "huh?" I asked confused "we live around the corner don't we lou?" "Yeah!" "Savage!" Niall looked at me "so what do you think about the stylist idea?" "It would be amazing!" I smiled "ill text you the details later?" He smiled at me," yeah do". We were pulling into my estate now "second last house on the right" I smiled we pulled into the drive "thanks guys, see you's around?" "We'll text you" Louis shouted as I got to the door. I walked into the house, Sam was sitting in the window, "was that Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson?" She screamed "Sam calm down, yes it was!" I smiled. Just then I felt my phone viberate

One new message


I clicked open

'Hey Kelly-Anne, Niall here. I rang up the management there, they told me to tell you to call around tomorrow at four if your not busy I can pick you up if you want just let me know!


I smiled to myself, "hey, why are you smiling and how did your interview go?" "I got it but I have an interview tomorrow, to be the boys stylist" I smiled jumping up and down "NO WAY!!!" she started jumping then. I hit reply

'Hey Niall, yes that would be amazing, thank you, cya then!😄👍x' I hit send and ran up stairs I took my hair out of the braid it was in and took out a pair of denim shorts and a white crop top, I took off my interview clothes and pulled on my shorts and top and then I pulled my long hair into a high ponytail and grabbed my white bandanna and rolled it into a headband and pulled on my white vans and set off back down stairs "where you off to?" Sam asked me "park for a walk, I'll bring Alfie, where is he?" I replied " in the kitchen" she smiled as I turned to go in and get him "Alfie get your shoes were going to the park", I turned and walked into the sitting room and a few seconds later Alfie ran in with his little air max I put then on him and put him in his buggy and we walked towards the park. We walked past a massive house when I heard a familiar voice "Hey Kelly!" I looked into the garden Louis was standing there with Liam, "Louis my name is Kelly-Anne" "Yeah yeah Kelly" I smiled at him. "Where you headed to? And who's this little fella?" He bent down in front of Alfie, "this is Alfie, and we're going to the park" I smiled. Niall ran out of the house shirtless "Hey Lou, where's my blue 5Sos T-shirt" "the wardrobe Niall!" he replied "Oh hey Kelly-Anne!" "hey Niall" "Ahem" Liam faked coughed "Oh Kelly, this is Liam, Liam Kelly" Louis smiled "Hi nice to meet you" I smiled at Liam, "oh so your our new stylist?" "Not yet" I smiled. "Right guys what will I wear tomorrow" "just your normal clothes like what your wearing that's nice on you " Niall smiled at me "thanks guys I really need to head on cyan tomorrow!" "bye Kelly!" Louis shouted

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