How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


11. chapter ten

Niall's POV

Today we're starting our six month tour, we're leaving at 6:30 am, it's now 5:00 am because all our first shows are in England were using the bus, they added a new bunk for Kell. Liam came in "Hey Niall, you need to get up man, need to check you have everything, shower and breakfast" he said, "I'm up" I said crawling out of bed as he walked out the door, I got up and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, I stripped off and got in, when I was finished I got out and dried myself, I grabbed a pair of black sweats and a white vest and my white supras. I grabbed my suitcase and brought it down stairs. I shouted to the boys "put on two frys! I'm going to get Kelly-Anne" and ran out the door, I ran over to Kelly's and knocked the door a few seconds later Kell opened the door dresses in my blue Hollister hoodie and grey sweats and white vans, Her hair was in a messy bun and no make up and she looked absolutely beautiful. "Hey Kell, Came to help you" I smiled at her, "hey thanks Ni" she smiled back "The boys have a fry on for us so do you want to say goodbye to Sam and Alfie while I get your stuff?" I asked "Yeah, it's in my room the blue case" she smiled as I ran upstairs she went into the sitting room, Sam and Alf must be up already.

Kelly-Anne's POV

I went into the sitting room to Sam and Alfie, I'm really going to miss them for 6 months, hopefully we get to come back sometimes, I flopped down beside Sam on the couch and called Alfie over who was playing on the floor. "hey little man, your aunty Kelly-Anne is really going to miss you" I said sitting him on my knee, "can I have a cuddle?" I asked him he cuddled into me and I could feel the tears coming on quickly, I wiped them away and I heard Niall come down stairs, Him and Alfie bonded a lot I put Alfie down and he ran over to Niall and Niall scooped him up into a big hug "Hey little guy" he laughed. I stood up and Sam stood beside me "make sure to ring me everyday and mind yourself" she pulled me into a rib crushing hug "I love you little sister, Niall Horan! You better mind my little sister!" I laughed "I love you too Sam" as she let me go Niall let Alfie down and walked over to Sam "Of course I will!" He said pulling her into a hug. After a few minutes we set off to Niall's, "that fry smells amazing" I said walking through the door, then I heard Harry shout "Thanks", I laughed. I walked into the kitchen with Niall "need any help Hazza" I smiled, "nope, I'm good go sit" he smiled.

Niall's POV

Kelly sat down beside me at the table "where's Louis?" I asked the boys everyone was at the table except Louis, "He stayed at Eleanor's last night he's on the way over" Zayn said. Just as he said it Louis burst through the door "do you have enough for me?" He asked out of breath, "we always do Lou" Harry laughed as Louis jumped down at the other side of me. We all ate in silence, we finished around 6. The bus pulled up at 6:15 and we went out with our suitcases and threw them on to our bunks, Louis showed Kelly hers, it was under his. We then went back into check we had everything. "shit my phone" I said as I ran up to grab my phone from my bed with the charger, I took one last look around and grabbed the picture of Kelly and Us at the beach two weeks ago and the picture of us in the sea and put them in my hoodie and ran back out to the bus where everyone was. "Everyone ready?" Paul asked, "yeah" we all said in unison as we pulled off away from our house, we drove by Kelly's, Sam and Alfie were on the porch waving, we all waved back I was sitting beside Kelly on the couch and I could see the tears forming in her eyes, I took her hand, "Hey you okay?" I whispered. She nodded and looked into my eyes and squeezed my hand a bit.

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