How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


5. chapter five

I went in and up stairs, I got into my room and remembered I was in Niall's hoodie still "shit" I mumbled to myself as I pulled out my phone And texted Niall

Hey Niall I forgot to give you back your hoodie, I'll bring it over with me tomorrow Good night Nialler😃 x

I got changed for about the sixth time today I jumped into my sleeping shirt and into bed I checked my phone

One new message


Hey, it's okay you can keep it, it looks better on you anyway, sweet dreams Kell😃💤 xx

I rolled over in bed and fell asleep


*Next morning*

I was woke by Alfie poking me in the face I looked over at the clock 08:02 "Alfie why do you do this to me?" I huffed and rolled over in the bed, I'll never get back to sleep. I jumped out of bed and went over to the suitcase and grabbed my white sports shorts and a baggy blue t shirt and then I got changed into them put on my runners and grabbed my phone and earphones I ran over and made my bed folded my shirt and put it on my bed and grabbed Alfie and walked down stairs. I went into the kitchen put Alfie down on the chair beside Sam "Hey why you up so early?" She asked me, "Ask Alfie" I smiled as I pulled my hair into a high pony tail "where you headed?" "For a run" I smiled at her, I grabbed an apple and ate it. " be back in a bit Sam" I shouted leaving the house I decided to jog a bit first I jogged up the boys way. All the lights were out but Harry was out on the porch in only a bottoms "Hey Kelly" he shouted as I passed, I stopped and pulled out my earphones which we're blaring timber by Kesha "Hey Harry what's up?" I smiled , "Louis locked me out" "I might be able to help you out" I said as I walked toward the door I knocked then shouted "Hey Louis, it's Kelly-Anne, I left my phone here I was wondering could I grab it?" I looked at Harry he was smiling a few seconds later Louis opened the door and Harry barged through. "Your an ass Louis!" Harry laughed "Thanks Kell" he smiled at me "it's fine see you guys later" I smiled "Hey don't you want your phone" Louis asked confused I turned and held my phone up. I put my earphones back in and ran on leaving a laughing Harry and a confused Louis

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