How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


17. chapter fifthteen

"You're beautiful" I whispered to him, "so are you" he whispered back. There was a knock at our door, Niall jumped up to get it, "Hey guys are you's ready?" Liam asked, "Kell, you ready?" Niall shouted to me, "yeah" I smiled walking towards them I grabbed my stuff from the counter and we set off out of the room and to the cars to meet the lads, we went the ways we went this morning. We got to the studio and got out. We went in and the boys started to practise straight away, well they mostly messed around, I don't know where they got a football but they kept messing with it Louis kept pretending to throw it at me. "Louis, if you don't go away I will make you really ugly tonight" I laughed, "Not possible, think quick!" He laughed as he threw the football at me, I caught it. "how did you even catch that? Your a girl" he asked me "I went to school with a lot of lads who were into soccer, they played all the time in our area, you had to learn to how to catch it before it hit you" I laughed. "Can you play?" He asked, I nodded he smiled, "Boys we have a new player lined up! We just need to see if she cut for it" he shouted and the boys came up beside him, "who?" Harry asked, Louis pointed at me "you play?" Liam asked me, "Louis can fill you's in, I'm going to set up my unit, for you women" I laughed a I spun on my heels then I felt strong arms wrap around my waist "please playyyy" I heard Niall say as he spun me back to face the lads. "one game" I said smiling at them, "who's team?" I asked, "me Liam and you against Niall Harry and Zayn" Louis smiled, "fine cool" I laughed.

We started to play Liam was in the goal and me and Louis were out playing against Harry and Niall, Zayn was in the goal.

It was 3 against 2 to us, and there was 2 minutes left in the game. We took a time out and me and Lou gathered around Liam, "so Kell, what's the plan?" Louis smiled, "are they any good at tricks?" I asked "nope" "let's show them we are" I laughed we went back in to play I ran down the hall and Louis kicked the ball to me he then ran up beside me, Niall was trying his best to get the ball off of me but failing miserably, I turned to kick the ball one way and Niall turned to try stop this I took my chance and flicked the ball the other way and kicked it to Louis who was standing at the goal he did an around the world before kicking it into the goal. Show off I laughed to myself. Just as the boy hit the back of the net, Paul called an end to the game and Louis ran over and picked me up, "your unbelievable" he laughed "thanks" I grinned, "how did you even?" "I played with the lads in the area, when it was sunny we went out to the pitch or the astro on my street, I loved it as a child I have an older brother who taught me" I smirked "well you did him proud" he smiled putting me down, "well done" Niall came over and wrapped his arms around my waist "thanks Horan" I smiled, and turned and kissed him. We were interrupted by Liam laughed "Niall your girls better at soccer then you" "That wouldn't be hard" Louis laughed "shut up Louis" Niall laughed. He pulled me close to him. "Come on lads let's get food" Paul came over to us, "yeahhhh! I love food" Niall laughed I giggled beside him. We followed Paul into the kitchen in the studio there were Nando's and drinks on the table we all dug in. By the time we finished it was 4 o clock, "come on guys we need to make you's pretty" I smiled, "hey we are pretty" Harry cried, "yes but even prettier Haz" I smiled as they followed me to the dressing room,"so who you doing first?" Harry winked, I pulled Niall over "Niall"I winked back letting a laugh escape. Niall sat on the chair, I grabbed my hairdryer and curly brush , I pulled Niall's hair back till it was in its famous quiff, after I did the rest of the lads hair and make up it was 4:45 I sent them to get dressed. That was chaos. They kept running away from everyone and messing. By the time we got them on stage it was 5:15. You could hear the fans going wild!

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