Styles Fever

Hi my name is Erin Jennings. But I'm not so typical. Plus, this isn't even a typical love story. Or is it?


1. My Life

Hi. My name is Erin Jennings. I'm a senior at Maple Street High School. I'm 17 years old. Anyways, we all have those typical high school people. Flirts, jocks, populars, geeks, emos, depressed, average students, and the nobody's. That's pretty much all I have to say about people. Unless I have to talk about my high school crush? Ugh I hate myself for liking him. But we were best friends from 6-10th grade. I moved for a while cause of my dad's job. Then my parents got divorced and now I'm back were I started with my mother, 2 sisters, and my 1 best friend Michelle. Ever since I moved I haven't spoken to my crush. His name is Harry Styles. He is perfect. But me? I'm not. I'm one of the nobody's mixed with a lot of depression. Yeah. It's kinda sad talking about myself. But I want to let you know about me. I always hope things would get better but for me everything is going downhill. Getting worse. I cut myself. A lot. And soon you'll find out more reasons why.

Authors Note:

Hey! I just really wanted to write this story so sorry this is really short too. Happy Holidays! New chapter hopefully later! :)-Jillian

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