Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


9. Home

Sara's POV


i was still out, my mind hurting, my heart burning. "Z-zayynnn" 


zayns POV


"z-zayynnn" I heard her whimper. "What's wrong with her?" I asked looking at Harry. He got up and ran to the bathroom and came back with a sugar tester. He pushed it into her finger and then tested it. It said '97' "that's bad Zayn!" He went to get sugar and put it under her tongue. Her eyes started to flutter open. "Z-zayn?" I took Harry's spot and sat her head in my arm and she looked up At me. "Where am I?" "Your at home. You passed out because your sugar was low. You need to eat" "I'm not hungry" "you have to eat!" "F-fine" she got up off of my and mad it to her feet. She started to walk and almost fell so I took underneath her arms and placed her feet in minE. I walked weirdly and we started laughing. I put her on the counter and made her some food and she gulped it Down. "Movie night?" "Yeah, one I like Zayn" we laughed "I guess since we're home" I smiled at her and she nodded. I heard Liam and Laney in their room watching TV, so I decided to walk in. "Hey guys We-" I saw Liam grinding on Laney. I closed my eyes. "Your good to join" Liam moaned. "Nah were watching a movie. I wanted to know if you wanted to watch it with us?" "Nah, I've got a job to do" Liam winked at Laney and I closed the door. I saw Sara half asleep and I decided to put in Elf. It was about 2 days until Christmas. I layed behind Sara and she cuddled with me. Within 10injted we were sleeping. This was Home, the last one Shell see too

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