Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


5. Help

Sara's POV 


i was broken and needed help soon. I couldn't feel my legs. Alex ignores my screams and begs. He just kept thrusting, killing my insides, killing me. I yelled for Zayn. Alex heard me yell for him and went harder making the bed hit the wall faster. My eyes met my arm, where his name was on my wrist, blood dripping from It. "Your the worst person. You'll never be like Zayn" I told him only making him speed up and go harder. My bed broke and I was screaming. He started to recarve his name in the same spot making more blood run. I felt my body temperature drop and saw him get off of me, sweaty. My breathing got slower and slower and he walked out of the room, fumbling with his pants. Before he left, he put my underwear on and just left me there. "I'll see you in 5 for another round" and he left. I heard some get hit and the light entered the room, creeping its way to me. I saw Zayn, smiled and felt nautious. He spoke to me like this never happened. I was just glad he came to help. He picked me up and carried me bridal style upstairs where I met Alex, pointing the gun at me and Zayn. He had blood coming from the back of his head. I saw Harry creep in like he was almost drunk. He had a gun in hand and shot Alex, falling forward. I put my head in Zayns shirt, clenching it. I knew the end was coming. I layed on his lap, almost dead. He kept telling me everything was going to be alright, but I knew he was wrong. I felt him put his hand in mine and one of his tears hit my cheek. Then I saw white. 


Zayns POV


Sara was on the edge, lik she was standing there on the edge if a cliff and I couldn't help her. It was her choice whethuer to fight it or go with it. I was holding her tight. I was scared for her and myself. I started to think this was the last time I was going to hold her, especially like this. I grabbed some old shirts I had in the car and wrapped them around her wrist. After it sucked up all the blood, I saw it. There on her arm it was carved lie he owned her now. I cried a little harder realising we were finally at the hospital. I didn't wait for him to park it, he dropped me off at the ER and I ran in with her in my arms. I couplet tell if she was still breathing because my tears were making everything blurry. 2 guys took her and a woman followed. "Sir you have to let go of her hand" "I can't not like this no" "sir! You must! We need to get her into te room" Laney too my hand from hers and hugged me. "She'll be alright. I promise Zayn" I saw her, go into a room and a bunch of people entered her room. Time ticked, more people rammed into her room. It felt like my heart was a clock, ticking her life away from mine. I could feel her, everything she was feeling. I had never noticed it before, maybe because it wasnt as strong as this. I needed her the most right now. About 2 hours later, the doctor came out, a worried look on his face as we walked towards me. "Are you Zayn Malik?" He asked. "Yes.. Is she g-going to be all right?" "We'll-" he sighed, oh god. That's a bad sign. "She's in critical condition. She's lost so much blood. A few nurses are donating, but were afraid it won't be enough. We think maybe 3 days.. We're letting you take her home in the morning" I fell to the floor, speechless. She was dying, because of me. Because I couldn't save her. Because I snapped at her. "We think if the nurses donates forth of what she's missing, we could save her. But we don't have enough nurses with the same blood type" "do I have the same blood type as her?" "Do you want to be tested" "yes" I wiped a tear away and he led me to a room. He sat me on a chair. "If your blood is the same, you could save her life" I smiled, thinking if how much better she could be. How much healthier she would be. He put a needle into my arm and started testing. Within minutes, I was sent out of the room to wait for further results. After about 10 minutes, he came out with a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry, but it's not the same" the other boys were now conscious and surrounded me. I felt tears coming into my eyes. Then Niall blurted out "test me!" And then they all shouted. "And me!" "Me 2" "me 3!" And so on. I smiled looking at them. "Really? You'd do that?" "We wouldn't leave family behind" they all went in to be tested and in about 20 minutes, they all came trotting back, Niall skipping like the little leprechaun he is. They were all so happy. It made me think of how I could be if this didn't happen. "Guess what Zayn?!" "What?" "Guess guess!!!!" Harry added. "I don't know" Louis nearly screamed it holding it in "we're all the same!!" I got up. "Are you donating?" "He'll yes!!" Harry said. "Just because we have the same blood type doesn't mean we're donating" Liam hit Niall in the back of the head and Niall said "joking joking. Laney doesn't have the same blood type, and without her, well have to donate a bit extra. Might be doozy and dizzy for a while" I hugged the boys and then Laneysaid "group hug" then another doctor came out to us. "You can see her, 1 at a time though" everyone looked at eachother then at me. "You go first, well donate" I smiled and hugged them all again, crying on some of their shoulders. I entered the room

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