Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


7. Broken

Zayns POV


i entered the room silently, holding the tears in. Sara was lying on the bed, a bunch of medal hooked to her. To be honest, she kind of looked like a robot. I grabbed a chair and sat beside her. Her face had bruises on it, her lower lip swelled. Her arm had bandages around it, blood seeming through it and being soaked up. The bandage read 'Alex' I let a tear fall from my cheak, then another and another. Soon my eyes were stained. I grabbed onto her hand and held it tight. "I let you go. I'm sorry. This is m-my fault." I looked up her arm and saw all of the bruises and then onto her neck. It was bruised also. "Your broken, hurt, because of a stupid mistake I made. I'm sorry" I let a tear drip onto her hand. Then I started to make a will to myself "I, Zayn Javvad Malik, promise to dedicate my life, my hope, and my love to Sara. I will not lether go and I will bet let her break. She is fragile and is my life. I promise to never let her go again, and she isn't going to fall off of this cliff. She is going to struggle, yes I know, but she is a fighter and can fight it for me, or the boys, or Laney, for everyone." Then I heard someone walk in. I was alarmed and turned in my chair. "You didn't have to Zayn" it was Laney. She grabbed another chair and sat it beside me. "Yes I did. Do you see her? She's broken, bent, bruised, nearly dead because of me" "no it's not" she put a hand on my back. "How did you get in here?" "The doctor said it was alright if I came in. I was the only one out there" "oh, sorry Laney" Laney gripped my hand and then hugged me tightly. "She'll make it, she's a fighter" she whispered in my ear. I smiled and let another tear fall. I gripped Saras hand a little bit tighter, still no response.


saras POV


i was.... Floating?? I suddenly started seeing images, scenes of me and Zayn or the boys and I, and Laney and I. It made me smile. Then I was brought to my bedroom, Ereni across from me. "What do you want from me?" "Everything. You aren't in pain, you aren't sugffering. It disgusts me." "So why don't you do something about it!" I shouted at her. She just shrugged and wiped the sweat off of her forehead and brought out a knife. "So I'll put you In pain, make you suffer" she charged towards me. My only instinct was to run and fight for myself. I didn't have much to protect, like Zayn said... I was a mistake. She brought me to a corner and I lunged under her and ran to my bed. She grabbed my foot and I fell to te floor head first groaning. I was spun over onto my back. I hit her and felt a pain in my rib. I grabbed it and she picked me up and threw me to the wall, making me shiver in pain. I fell in front of my dresser. She came to me and I said "this isn't you. Ereni, please stop" "that's not my name!" "Yes it is! I remember when you and Louis were skating. You were different. What happened?!" I felt another pain in my rib, grabbing it harder. I brought my hand back up to my eye sight and saw it. Blood. It covere my hand. Then she was gone, I saw nothing.


zayns POV


she was now grabbing her rib. I uncovered her and it was bleeding. I looked back up a her face, her eyes now open, her mouth groaning. "Zayn" she was groaning "get help" I nodded and then I saw Laney.  She nodded and left the room to get help. She came back with help. "Eternal bleeding" the other doctor nodded and told me to leave the room. I left heartbroken. I saw the boys and they hugged me. I wasn't crying BCUZ I knew she was going to make it. Niall looked at me and said "your tired man. Ya need to go home and rest. Well stay here and watch her and then call you when she's awake." "Thanks man. I really appreciate it" he nodded and we hugged. I took my coat from the rack and started to make my way to the car and then heard cries. I went back in to the doctor taking out glass from her ribs. "Not internal bleeding?" "Nope. It's glass." "How did it get there?" "Don't know, we can do some tests in the morning, but not now. Well give her some medicine and then give her the time with her loved ones" the other doctor nodded and ave her medicine. "Guess I don't need to sleep at home, I'll stay here" I pulled out the bed and layed on it. I started singing Story Of My Life and then Sars was awake. "Story of my Life,

i take her home,

I drive all night,

to keep her warm,

and time is frozen" 

I looked at her shocked. "You okay?" "I guess, listen Zayn" I got up and shushed her with my finger and kissed her. "I know I messed up, I know it hurts. But I want to spend these next few days like its the end of my life and spend them all with you. I love you so much Sara." I kisse r again and she was now kissing me back. "I love you Zayn. " we hugged and I asked "are we okay?" "Yes" she nodded and I went back to bed smiling. She was okay, but not for long. I couldn't tell her she was dying. It would break her, break me. Te boys left after a while and Li was in there all aloe with Sara. 

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