Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


8. Alone

Sara's POV


zayn was acting... Different? It wasn't natural for Zayn to act like this. After everyone left, he cuddled with me and when I wanted a drink, before I could get up he would give it to me. When I wanted to watch movies, he'd put a movie in. This happened all day. "Zayn are you alright?" "Fine darlin' fine" "are you sure you haven't.... Well... Changed?" "What? I haven't changed. I'm te same man I was yesterday" "your acting-" he stopped me mid sentence and said "different. I'm acting different?" He had hurt in his eyes. "Y-yes. Zayn, whats wrong. What aren't you telling me?" "Nothing baby, nothing." "I can see it in your eyes Zayn. Please tell me" "it's just-" then Niall came in with food. "We're back! Oh- oh- OH! I'll uh, I'll go now. Tell me when your done" zayn nodded at him. "What was that about?" "This conversation." I looked down and then Zayn brought my head back up so our eyes met. "Your-" "I'm what Zayn?" "Your dying." "W-what? Nobody donated?" "All the boys donated, other than me and Laney because we had differs rent blood types. I'm sorry" "but I'll be alone, it won't be the same up there Zayn" "I know love, these next few days are going to be the best days of our lives. I love you so much" he kissed me softly. I got teary and he wiped them all away and layed with me. Then the Doctor came in. "Sir, you can take her home now, but can I talk to you?" "Yes sir" he got up for the bed and kissed my forehead. "I love you" he whispered. I smiled and he left the room with the doctor.


zayns POV


 I was led outside of Saras room. "Mr. Malik, she isn't doing well" "I know doctor, how long do I have her?" "No more than 3 days. There's only a 35 percent Chance she will survive" "can you do anything about it" "I'm sorry" he looked down. I felt tears falling. "I'm sorry sir." He walked away, and I faced Sara with a fake smile. She smiled back and I walked in, making sure my cheeks wernt stained with tears. "You alright?" "Fine doll. Lets go" "I have to put my clothes On Zayn" "oh" she got up and grabbed her clothes. She limped into te bathroom, calling my name. "Zayn" I entered, she was wrapped in a towel. "Yes darlin?" "Can you help me?" I nodded unsure. I didn't want to do something wrong. She dropped the towel and I hooked her bra. I helped her put on a nerdy fox sweater that was a size too big. I helped her put her skinny jeans. She was turning me on, and on purpose. She started to grind against me. "Oh Sara" I started moaning her name quietly. She turned and I started to grind on her and pushed her against the wall. "I want you" she whispered into my ear. I grinded on her harder making her back arch. Ten. I heard a knock on the door. "Ello?? Anyone in dere?" She tapped my nose "this will be continued later" I sighed and brushed my fingers through my hair so it wasn't messy. She walked out and saw Louis. 


Saras POV


zayn was beside me when I opened the door to Louis standing in front of it. "LOUIS!" I practically screamed. I ran t him with everything I had and hugged him. "Hey love" he groaned.  I jumped and he picked me up by my bum and pulled me into a hug. "I've missed you" he whispered in my ear. "How dd you? I thought you-" "died? No, she missed, then I pulled the gun on her" "I'm just glad your alright" we hugged again for a bit longer when I heard zayn clear his throat. "Oh, sorry Mate" he said and put me down.  I hugged him again and I walked between Zayn and Louis. Niall left earlier to go to the house. I walked in alone after we got there. "Hello?" I heard myself talking. The room started spinning and people jumped out at me. The room kept spinning and I felt like I was tipping. I fell sideways, being caught by Zayn and Harry. "Z-zayn" I said before I was out. I didn't want to go to heaven, not now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not never. I didn't want to be alone. I knew my mom was up there, but I figured she didn't like me because of what I did. I don't want to be alone. 

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