Better Than Words

Every Directioner knows that Niall Horan looks for his future wife in the crowd! Well, Lucy is that lucky lost princess Niall has been looking for! In the middle of the concert Niall spots her out from the other 15,000 fans in the crowd! When Lucy gets up to leave she spots him leaving and hands him a note! Little did Niall know that she can't speak! So has Niall found his lost princess even though she's a mute or will her condition make him still be on the search? Read to find out


7. Stress and Worrying

Chapter: 7

Niall's POV:

I had Lucy's head propped up on my lap all wrapped in towels. Her wounded arm made the towels bloody and the blood seeped through and into my pants. She was white and cold. I put one strand of her wet hair behind her ear. I looked at her closed eyes wishing they would open and be full of life. I sobbed silently realizing se had a great chance of not making it. "Speed up man!" I yelled at Harry.

"I am. I am!" He yelled back. The car was full of tense. My hands began to shake as I went to feel her pulse again. It was still faint and had no rhythm. The car had pulled up in front of the hospital and Harry had gotten nurses to come out with a gurney. They wheeled her away and had blocked me from walking any further. "I NEED TO SEE HER!!!" I yelled pointing to her has she disappeared around the corner. "LUCY!" I yelled trying to fight out of the grasp of doctors. "I'm sorry sir but you can't see her right now." One doctor said slamming me into a chair as I fell into it. "Now sit here and we will give you updates." He said walking away. I sat down, foot tapping and my hand folded very tight as I bit my lip.

"Come on lad she'll be fine I'm sure of it." Harry said rubbing my back. I gritted my teeth and kept going up to the front desk asking to see Lucy. Each time I gone up I was told the same thing; "sorry she's still in the medical room and isn't allowed any visitors." I turned on my phone and call the others. They were on their way when Lucy's mum walked into the hospital. This couldn't be good! I thought as she looked around the waiting room till she spot us walked quite fast up to us. When she got close enough I could see fear, anger and sadness written all over her face.

"What happened? Where is she? How is she? What did you do to my daughter? Why didn't you stop her? Why did you take her?" All these questions kept spilling out of her mouth and swarming around my head. I kept trying to answer the question but a new one would be asked and I tried answering that one. "LOOK!" I yelled making her mum jump. "I took Lucy to my place to meet the rest of the boys and they immediately loved her. We were all eating when Louis made a joke and she started getting upset when she couldn't laugh along with us and ran to the porch. I walked out after her and I had comfort her when I said something stupid that she took offensive and locked herself in the bathroom and I tried opening it and then there was things breaking and a thud. That's when me and the lads had all tried open the door and when we did I saw Lucy in the tub full of bloody water and her was arm cut. I lifted her out and get her pulse which was very faint. I wrapped her in towels and me and Harry drove her to the hospital. They took her away and haven't let me see her!" I said really fast. I saw Ms. Smith's facial expression turn from angry to worry to upset. "I'm sorry Niall. I shouldn't of blame you." She said sitting down. "I mean she did have a habit of cutting and she's been trying to quit." She said looking at her hands.

She had started to cry softly when Harry took her in for a hug. "I'm sorry. It's just, she's my baby girl and it's hard to see her grow up with no friends and seeing her break down like this. She's my baby." She said sniffling and wiping her eyes. Harry was still hugging her when the others walked in. "How is she?" Liam asked. "Good question." I replied. "Who is this?" Louis asked pointing to Lucy's mum. "This is Ms. Smith, Lucy's mum." I said. "Please. Call me Danielle." She said sitting up.

We all introduced ourselves when the doctor came out. He didn't look to happy in fact he liked upset. I held into Danielle's hand and held my breath when the doctor shook his head. "How's Lucy?" I asked. "Is she going to be okay?" Danielle asked. "Lucy is. Well she is....."

Lucy's POV:

I was put on a gurney and rushed into a freezing building. Me still being wet didn't help at all. I heard Niall yelling for me which made my heart hurt. I had woken up a little to where I could hear voices which were very fuzzy as f they were mumbling. I was put onto a bed as they kept touching me and hearing my heart beat and pulse. "CLEAR!" One man said before zapping me. I jolted and he had done the procedure 3 more times. After that it was silent and fell back under. My heart hurt and I felt like each breath became shorter then the last. I wanted Niall bad along with my mum. I missed her so much!!! She had done so much for me and had sacrificed everything for me! She took beatings from my dad and was held in contempt of court. She was living on nickels and dimes to get me food and I repay her by this, ending my life. I felt so horrible and so bad. What about Niall! He can just leave me knowing I'm not gonna wake up for a while. I felt so hurt.

I just want to wake up and be in his arms again, kiss him again. Restart us again. I hope I wake up soon!

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