Better Than Words

Every Directioner knows that Niall Horan looks for his future wife in the crowd! Well, Lucy is that lucky lost princess Niall has been looking for! In the middle of the concert Niall spots her out from the other 15,000 fans in the crowd! When Lucy gets up to leave she spots him leaving and hands him a note! Little did Niall know that she can't speak! So has Niall found his lost princess even though she's a mute or will her condition make him still be on the search? Read to find out


6. Meeting the Boys

Chaper: 6

Liam's POV:

As I opened the door I saw Niall standing there bringing a smile to my face because, well, who isn't happy to see Niall? Then I looked over to his guest and bigger smile grew bigger on my face! She was absolutely gorgeous! "You must be Lucy. Please come in we've been wanting to meet you." I said making a gesture for them to come in. She looked at the house in awe as of it was the most most beautiful thing ever. The lads had quickly noticed her and stood up to meet her. "Hello, my name is Harry and you must be Lucy!" Harry said giving her a big hug. She smiled that you could see it miles away. "Would you like something to drink?" Zayn asked getting up. She stopped in her tracks and looked at Niall who quickly disappeared and came back with paper and pen. She then began writing. Was she nervous to talk in front of us? Why couldn't she just tell Zayn what e wanted to drink? I pulled Niall aside and asked him since clearly he knew why. "Hey Niall, what's up with Lucy? Why can't she speak?" I asked. "......" Niall just sighed looking at his feet. "I'm talking to you lad. Why won't she speak?" I asked again. Still no answer. Fine I'll ask her myslef. I say in my head and walked over to Lucy.

"Lucy. I have a question." I said walking towards her. All she did was look up and smile. "Say 'hello One Direction'." She opened her mouth and nothing came out. "Come on Lucy! Say hello!" I said. "See like this: HELL-OOOOO" I said talking very slowly as the other laughed at me. "Um, Liam. She can't say that." Louis said snickering. "Why not? Okay say hi." I said. "She can't say that either, lad." "Then what can she say?" I asked confused. "Nothing. She's a mute." Zayn had said coming back with drinks. "Seriously?" I asked feeling quite stupid and bad. I looked at Lucy who was looking at me all innocent. "I'm so sorry, love!" I said giving her a hug. She smiled and took in the hug. We all laughed and started chatting away. Lucy had wrote on her piece of paper that we should all play Twister! I got the game out and we began to start. Zayn was the spinner and I didn't realize how flexible Lucy was! She won almost every game!!!

Harry's POV:

Lucy's beautiful!!! I am so proud of Niall to find a girl finally! I was actually worried that he wouldn't find love. We all sat down at the dinning room table as Louis came with dinner. It was amazing! It was his famous lasagna with bread and a salad. We all got our plates and began to eat. It was absolutely delicious! Lucy wasn't really eating and we all noticed. "Lucy, babe, why aren't you eating? Don't you like it?" I asked looking at her full plate of food that's been sitting there for ten minutes. She nodded her head and began writing.

Everything is amazing! It's just I don't have that much of an appetite and I feel like I'm intruding.

"Nah love, we love having guests that don't scream in our faces." Louis said making us all laugh. You can tell Lucy was too just without sound. She stopped and looked around at the table and listen to us then opened her mouth then closed it again. She got up and walked to the front porch. "What's wrong with her? Did we say something?" I asked Niall. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked out to the porch as well.

Niall's POV:

I walked out onto the porch with Lucy who was cradling her head in her hands. I rubbed her back causing her to cradle her head in more. "Lucy, princess come here." I said wrapping my arms around her leaning her in. Her head leaning on my chest still in her hands. "Lucy? Wanna write down what's wrong?" I asked wishing I hadn't. She looked up at me with anger and hurt written all over her face and her makeup all runny. She stood up and walked back in slamming the door behind her.

I walked back in and looked at the lads asking where Lucy was. They all pointed to the bathroom and I walked over to the door. I tried opening it when I realized that it was locked. "Lucy? Come on babe I didn't mean it like that." I said leaning against the door when I heard something break. "Lucy?" I said with fear in my voice. I tried opening the door banging on it. "Lucy come on open the door!" I said trying to twist the doorknob. I then heard the water run and then something fall in the tub. "LUCY?!" I said getting the lads attention and they raced over to help me. We al pushed on the door while Zayn went to get something to break the door open. We broke the door open as I saw Lucy lay in a tub full of bloody water. "LUCY?!?!?!?!" I yelled. "LUCY! NO WHY PRINCESS MY PRINCESS!" I yelled picking her up out of the tub seeing gashes in her arm. "I'll get the car started!" Harry said running out. I grabbed as many towels as I could and wrapped her up in them. I felt her neck trying to get a pulse which was very faint. I rushed into the car and Harry sped to the hospital.

Lucy's POV:

As everyone was laughing I was sitting there silent as always. I had realized that I was never going to laugh!!! I began to cry and I went outside to do it a little more private. I heard the front door open and close and I heard Niall's soothing voice. He rubbed my back making me more hysterical. He made me lean in and the warmth of his skin warmed up my cheeks from the cool night breeze. I felt happy a little till Niall had said what I have never expected him to say! "You want to WRITE about it!" WRITE?!??! That made me so mad and a little hurt. I stared at him and saw guilt on his face. I wanted to slap him but instead I went into the house. "Hey Lucy. You okay?" Louis asked. I just ignored and found the bathroom locking myself in.

I looked through drawers and shelves for a razor. I found a mirror and slammed it in the ground breaking it into large sharp shards. I heard Niall call my name and bang on the door. I turned on the water filling up the tub to drown out the sound of Niall yelling and banging on the door and I sat on the toilet and began to slice away. I began talking in my head. 'All those comments were right!' 'Im just a freak!' Every time I had made a thought I made another cut. I had 10-15 gashes in my arm and the bleeding wouldn't stop! I panicked and slipped in the tub hitting my head on the bottom and grew unconscious. I could still feel the pain in my arm as the water stung my wounds. The pain grew less and less painful until I felt nothing. I heard the door open and Niall screaming. I saw his hands reach for me through the red water. Before I knew it I was in the car on Niall's lap wrapped in towels on the way to the hospital. On the way there I became unconscious again and this time......

I didn't wake up.


Sorry is this was too depressing but read the next chapter to find out what happens to Lucy! Will she survive or will Niall be on the hunt for his lost princess again?

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