Better Than Words

Every Directioner knows that Niall Horan looks for his future wife in the crowd! Well, Lucy is that lucky lost princess Niall has been looking for! In the middle of the concert Niall spots her out from the other 15,000 fans in the crowd! When Lucy gets up to leave she spots him leaving and hands him a note! Little did Niall know that she can't speak! So has Niall found his lost princess even though she's a mute or will her condition make him still be on the search? Read to find out


11. A Little More Than a Heartbreak

Niall's POV:

"Lucy, princess, the lads and I leave for Asia tomorrow to go on tour..." I said drifting my words off into silence. I look at Lucy and see that her face still had no expression. Instead she just looked frozen! "Lucy...?" I asked walking towards her. She just stood there. "Lucy look at me!" I said grabbing her arms and shaking her a little bit. All she did was cling onto my neck and started crying with her face buried into the crook of my neck. I felt her warm tears fall onto my neck and drip onto my shirt. "Oh Lucy don't cry or I'm going to cry." I said as my vision got blurred by unescaping tears.

I heard sniffles that she let out. My eyes teared up more and soon I felt myself shut my eyes tight. I squeezed her into a tighter hug. I unlatched my arms and backed her up a bit. She was looking at her feet and I tilted her head up. I saw those amazing eyes that always drew me in. I kissed her softly and I could taste the saltiness from her tears. I broke the kiss and out of know where I heard myself say the craziest but non-regretful thing; "come with me..." I silently whispered.

She stopped her sniffling and soon just had her mouth open as if she tried forcing words out. When she realized she couldn't she just smiled and shook her head viciously. I was smiling like an idiot, going across the world with my girlfriend! All the things we can see and do and see!

She got her notepad and quickly scribbled;

"I have to tell my mum!"

"I'll do that sweetheart, where is she?"

She pointed upstairs and I walked

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