Love me

Sarah used to like the 16-18 year old Bieber, but now? No, she doesn't like him. He's too bad for her to like. She likes bad boys... But Justin's, more than bad. They meet, and he sees her.. She looks his way and nods, she's disappointed that everything changed him so fast. He's confused. She's just walking the streets of L.A. But what happens when he changes, for her? Keep reading to find out!


7. She's mine

Justin's POV

I looked at how Chaz kept making her laugh. I growled, growing angry at how happy she looked with him. 

Demi turned around and had a confused face. I just shook my head. Sarah WILL be mine. 

"Your so cute." Chaz giggled, after making her laugh so much and seeing that beautiful smile of hers.

I could tell she blushed because she hid her face in her hands.

Alright alright, so she starts liking him? And she knows what? Nothing about him. She knows more about me than she does about him. Why does she even seem to like him? He's MY friend. He could be exactly like me. Well not EXACTLY but you know what I mean.. 

I left the theater room and glanced at them through the window on the door. Sarah was smiling and watching the movie. Vanessa was looking at me.. And Demi was making a braid in her hair while laughing as they said something funny in the movie.

I went to the kitchen and thought.. I need to get Chaz to STOP talking to her. She seems like she'll fall in love with him, believe me I know when a girl falls in love. I think.. Urgh. I just need a drink. That's all.. No but I can get drunk or anything while she's here.. You know what I don't care. She could care less about me anyways. 

I went to the cupboard and took a glass, went to my alcohols and grabbed my 2nd favorite one, first I added ice and then poured in that delicious liquid. I thought for a bit while leaning my right hand on the counter and moving the drink around the cup in the other. 

I took a sip, and got an idea.. Then I drank the whole thing and set the glass cup in my dishwasher.

I went to my room and looked myself in my full body mirror. I then took off my white t-shirt and out came my abs. I was satisfied with my abs (: I went to my bathroom, turned the faucet on and washed my face, grabbed a towel, and dried my face. I then got some water and put it on my hair cause honestly no one can resist me in wet hair. 

I went to my bed, unlocked my phone and went on twitter, I tweeted "@justinbieber: why do you resist me?" That message goes out to Sarah. I hope she reads it soon.

I got up and started walking back to the movie room I don't want them to start looking for me or somethin'. 


Chaz's POV

I'm just laughing with Sarah and the girls having a good time and then Ryan goes to the exit [the door in Justin's movie theater]. Justin's there. He's been gone all this time? When did he even leave :S


Ryan's POV

I was watching the movie and then I got a text from Justin telling me to come out of the room cause we need to 'talk'. Alright, this must be serious, otherwise he would'a just came to me. But he just wants privacy! Ok!


Justin's POV

Ryan came out and I needed to ask him something. I walked us over a little farther from the door for a little more privacy. 

"So Ryan.." I started.

"..yeah??" He said boringly wanting me to continue.

"You know Sarah..? The one Chaz keeps--" I said but got cut off by him.

"Flirting with? Yeah what about her." He said nonchalantly. Hold on now... He's flirting with her? I thought he was only making her laugh! But there's more to it.

I responded with attitude. "Yeah yeah, her. I don't want Chaz near her anymore if he's gonna act the way he does with her. I like her. She doesn't like me for some reason but I'm trying to change that. So please make sure they're only friends. I want her.." I said.

He just looked at me and then finally responded.. "Bro are you jealous?" Holy shit I am, it's obvious I am. He doesn't have to fucking ask me. That was a big mistake. Chaz might not even be my best friend in a while because of this girl... But right now I'm gonna deal with Ryan.

"Jealous? Of Chaz?? I'm just saying that I don't want him near her at all! I never said I was jealous. I just don't need to see them acting the way they do together. I want her and me together... I like that she isn't easy ya know..?" I defended. I like that she isn't easy.. Knowing she doesn't like me like that or try to get with me like Vanessa does shows that she's not a gold digger. She could like me for me...This one could be real.



Author's Note: Hey guys... It's Saturday night and finally went on Movellas, I'm sorry I haven't posted a new chapter in nearly 2 months! I was started to get bad grades and I needed to get them up! But they're good now thank God (: I hope you like my story, you want some drama? You'll get it! Lol, ask me questions and I'll respond to you as soon as I can! Please don't forget to like and favorite! Ily guys. Thanks for reading this story and note! Bye goodnight!(:

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