Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


6. the forgiving

The car Journey home was depressing I had so much to think about, I grabbed my phone out of my hand bag and remembered what Jamie had said, Lexie was going on about how she had told me he was a waste of space and that I was too good for him, I turned it on it was nearly out of battery it had 6 percent left, I had 23 missed calls from Jamie and 5 messages, as soon as I opened the messages I got a warning that I had only 5% left, the first thing I saw was I'm sorry I didn't mean to walk out i scrolled up to the beginning if the messages they was from yesterday

Jamie: hey tigger sorry I had to leave so fast my cousin had just arrived from her tour round the world see you later xx

Jamie: hey tigger did you get my message

Jamie: Alex have I done something wrong

Jamie: Alex could we meet up and talk

Jamie: I'm sorry I didn't mean to walk out

I felt so bad, I screamed at Lexie to turn around and go back, she looked startled and she just kept driving I grabbed the wheel and the car stated to spin and spin we smashes into a charity shop nothing was broken ( in the shop ) I laid my head back onto the seat and every thing went black

Tyler's POV

The girls have been gone for ages but women and cloths Ill call Jamie and see if he wants to come over

Me: hey Jamie wanna come over the girls have gone shopping they should be gone for a while

Before I could say anymore he said

Jamie: I have just seen them they should be back now they left about 10 mins ago they should have been back ages ago.

Lexie POV

I opened my eyes my wrist was killing I looked over at Alex she had blood all over her tried to grab my bag but I couldn't reach and the air bag was in the way, looked over to my left going to reach for the door but my hand went straight through there was no door I scrabbled out of the car my legs were shaking, I was shaking I pushed the air bag out of my way I reached for my bag and ruffled around in my bag when I found my phone I pulled it out and the first person I called was Tyler when he answer he sounded very angry


My voice was shaking

Me: babe no one else is with us and me and Alex are on north avenue high street we have b...been in a car accident, Alex is out cold and I think I have a broken wrist could you call Jamie and the ambulance and get here as soon as possible, I am going to go now I need to call my brothers... Bye

I hung up on him and called mine and Alex's brothers and told them sort of the same thing and hung up before they could do or say anything, I wasn't angry at Alex just confused.

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