Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


2. The annocement

Me,Jamie, Alex and Tyler were in the study lounge reading our books for Mondays test, I was studying children's phycology and Alex was studying to be a councillor and Jamie wanted to be a electrician but Tyler was the most ambitious out of all of us he wanted to be a doctor.

Our head of year mr brown walked into the study lounge with a poster of some sort he walking his usual duck walk like he had just shit this pants or something , he made room on the noticed board then stuck up a bright and colour full poster then he walked out slamming the door behind him making all the 6 formers look u, me and Alex walked over to the poster IT WAS PROM next week Friday, me and Alex was jumping around holding hand screaming as if we had seen Harry styles or seen a unicorn shooting rainbows out of his butt, the boys hide behind their books in embarrassment then got up and had a look at what we was so excited about they stared at the poster and rolled their eyes then dragged us back to the table and carried on reading while me and Alex discussed what dress we was going to wear.

That evening the boy came back to our house mine and Alex's parents were in America for the next two weeks, Justin was at his girlfriends house and Ben was at his friend Tommy's for the week. Me and Tyler was sitting on a two seater couch while Jamie and Alex sat on the arm chair Alex was sitting on Jamie's lap they were all cuddled up, Tyler had his arm over my shoulder and my head was snuggled into chest, Jamie and Tyler got to choose the film tonight because we chose last weekend we we watch Titanic me and Alex were crying into Tyler and Jamie, night the boys chose mama 4 me and Alex hated scary movies, about 10 minutes into the movie me and Alex were hiding behind Tyler and Jamie shirts Tyler whispered into my Ear "I am here protecting you baby" then kissed my hair

By the time the movie was over me and Alex were lightly grippingTyler and Jamie shirts we was asleep

( Tyler's POV)

I turned to look at Lexie she was fast asleep breathing heavily still grabbing hold of my shirt she looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake her so I unwrapped her fingers from my shirt stood then gently lowering her head onto the pillow then put my hand under her leg and under her shoulders supporting her beautiful head and carried her up the stairs to bed I placed her down on her bed she looked like a princess, my princess, her eyes started flicker and she opened her eyes reviling her chestnut brown eyes she was truly beautiful, she sat up and look around then saw her alarm clock it was only 10:30 she asked where Alex and Jamie was, they are down stairs I told her which was true she told me it was to early to go to sleep she winked and a smile appeared bigger than the Cheshire cats, I smiled back but said " I don't have the equipment babe" she looked at me all sad she was biting her bottom lip she had a habit of doing that' she was lying on her bed with just her underwear on I slipped of my trousers and shirt all that was left was my Grey boxer layer on the bed next to her she lent froward and kissed me I felt fireworks go of in my mouth and butterfly's started flying around in my stomach my tongue touch the bottom of her lip waiting for her to allow me in she instantly she opened her mouth allowing our tongues to fight for dominance, we slip apart and lad on our backs I had my arm around her shoulders and my other hand unfastening her bra she had one of her hands resting on the bottom of my stomach just above my boxers, I pulled the blankets over us then we hid under the blankets her bra was off and in her hands she was smiling and so was i, shortly after we pulled the blankets down do just are head we're showing I gave her my t-shirt that was lying in a crumpled heap on the floor she took it out of my hands and put it on it was way too big for her but she looked very cute she rolled over and feel asleep and I stared at the Celling for some time then slowly started drifting off.

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