Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


8. school

Lexie's POV

'Alex I still don't have a date to the prom'

Tyler hasn't asked me to go with him about 5 other boys have asked to go with me but I'm still waiting for Tyler to ask is he ever going to?!

'Hasn't Tyler asked yet? Do you wasn't me to get Jamie to see if he can get Tyler to ask you?

I don't really want Jamie too because I need Tyler to know that I'm not going to wait forever, I'm not going to wait around

' nope he hasn't and I want Tyler to do it without someone having to tell him'

*BRING* that's the bell now it's English, were are doing Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

Mr sparks has to the class that we are going to be doing play scripts for the next 3 lesson and that he has check with miss windslow (our head if drama) who she think is the best to play the parts, I'm hope I'm the mother of Juliet or her nanny,

Mr sparks starts to call out names and who they are going to be, he does this in register order

Kate Mersin- Romeos mother

Tommy amsworth- Romeos father

Justin Blane ( not Alex's brother )- Romeo

Lexie Cummings- Juliet

Carrie Harris- Juliet's mother

James longfeild- Juliet's father

Louis Reece- Juliet's nanny

Only one girl was left out sammi lethweight she didn't speck much English I don't know how I got picked as Juliet I don't want to be Juliet.


We had ten minuets left of English I was dreading the next part of the play it was the kiss, doesn't this stupid man know that I have a boyfriend it would be classed as cheating right but I guess if I want a good mark for this term I have to, I don't mind the person I'm kissing because I had a crush on him for the last 5 years or basically most of my high school life until Tyler asked me out, the part I was dreading

He started to lean towards me and so did I, his soft warm lip touched mine, firer works were going off in my mouth and my stomach was doing back flips, his warm tongue touch the bottom of my lips requesting to enter I opened my mouth we was fully making out in front of the whole class I say it was a full class but we only have 8 pupils but the school isn't very big, my heart was racing as he rested his hands on my hips my arms were now wrapped Loosely around his neck then before we know it

*BRING* the bell went I was about to pull away from Justin when he pulled me so close to him Our chests were touching when finally mr sparks came over and pulled us apart and said come one you too don't you have a class to go to

He replied instantly 'no it my free period

Then me sparks turn to me and said 'what about you miss Cummings '

My voice was shaking I was still trying to get my breath back ' nope It's my free period to sir '

A small smile grew on Justin's lips

Mr sparks replied quite angrily 'well I do so get out of my class'

I ran over to my bag picked it up and ran out of the class room you could say in a teachers pet, well I'm not, I just hate getting into trouble plus i really want to get a good job, I started to walk slowly down the corridor check my planner to see what lesson I had after break it was phycology Yes my favourite just as I'm was putting my planner back into my bag I heard a familiar voice shouting my name, I was so shocked I dropped my planner and my handbag, all my books had fallen out they was scattered every where I started to pull them all together in a hurry, I was about to garb my planner when I saw a hand already resting on my planner I looked up and saw golden caramel eyes piercing deep into my soul, he opened his mouth and he spoke soft velvet words

' hey Lexie, sorry I didn't mean to startle you'

' it's alright I just wasn't expecting you to shout at me down the corridor' I said angrier than it was meant to sound

'Aren't you going out with that Tyler guy'

' yes, we'll I think so'

' you think so?'

'Yer we'll it's nothing,

'It can't be nothing tell uncle Justin all about it'

I grabbed my books and shoved them into my bag and started talking

'That sound very perverted, we'll he hasn't asked me to prom an..' He stopped me in Mid sentence ' so you haven't got a date to prom?' I was a bit shocked how he actually cared ' why do you care?' I asked very judgementally 'oh fisty, I like it I was wondering if you want to go with me considering the circumstance' 'what circumstance' I asked bluntly while walking into the study lounge hall way, he looked kind of surprised then he grabbed my wrist And kissed me again ' remember that ' he said all cocky, ' yes do and I was acting' he quickly replied 'it was too passionate for acting' 'what can i say I'm a good actress' I snapped, ' so what do you say to going to the prom with me on tomorrow' well I need a date and he's a good catch and Tyler hasn't asked 'okay pick me up at 8:45 okay' he looked at me stunned ' okay sure what colour flower should I bring you ' what colour was my dress oh yer it was white and it had a red satin bow wrapped around the middle with diamonds around the top ' Erm.... White with and red middle okay' then I kissed his cheek and walked into the study lounge, I scanned the room when I saw Alex on the far table at the back I slowly walked towards her she pulled the book away from her face and laid it down in front of her, she gestured my to sit on the chair next to her, she looked worried I sat beside her and said as caring as I could

' what's wrong'

She looked at me and said 'in maths today Tyler asked what flower hew should get you for prom, I told him I didn't know'

'Its alright I'm not going with Tyler anyway I have a date'

She started to cheer up ' who' she asked all excited

'Justin Blane,

She looked at me all shocked ' the Justin Blane'

'Yer ' I said nearly jumping out of my seat

Alex started squealing


I was home, The boys had given us a lift, We was all sitting round the kitchen table when Tyler started to speak

'What time should I pick you up' he said emotionless

'Pick me up for what' I said confused, I knew why he was talking about but I wanted to play dump

'Prom, oh and that reminds me what colour flower shall I get you?' he said dull and annoyed

'Oh I don't need a lift thanks' I said a smile started to appear on my face

'Im not letting you walk, what colour flower am I getting you?!' He said getting angrier

'I won't be walking and you don't need to get me a flower' I said smiling

'Who will take you then and good I don't see the point in then flowers anyway' he said starting to lighten up

'Im going with Justin Blane and I do see the point in the flowers and for the record he already has mine' I said smirking, Tyler's face was getting angrier and angrier by the minute, then he said

'This isn't funny' his expression wasn't pleased

' I'm not joking' I said now pulling a straight face

I looked over at Jamie his jaw was almost touching the floor

'Wtf Lexie, what wrong with you'

I looked at him surprised ' what's wrong with me! You was the one who didn't ask me and I had turned down 6 requests and then today Justin asked me I wasn't going to wait around for you' I said getting more pissed off

' CALL HIM NOW and tell him you madness huge mistake!' He said grabbing my phone

'NO, don't tell me what to do' I said grabbing my phone back at this point Alex and Jamie was just staring at us

He grabbed my hair and shouted 'YOU DO AS I SAY, NOW CALL HIM AND TELL HIM IT WAS A MISTAKE! He had his teeth gritted and he meant business

Alex told him to get off of me and then she started hitting him with her small fists, he let go of my hair and slapped her hard across the face and she ran out of the kitchen and I quickly followed her, she ran into the bathroom I went in to and moved her hand from her cheek she was bleeding i gave her a cold tissue and walked down stairs to get her a plaster I walked down stairs to see Jamie punching The crap out of Tyler I ran into the kitchen got the first aid kit and told Jamie to go up into the bathroom and give Alex a plaster he nodded and ran up stairs I looked at Tyler and shook my head he looked at me full of hatred. I walked over to him I kissed his cheek the slapped him as hard as I could then told his to get out of my house as he walked out of the house I screamed after him ITS OVER, YOU JERK!!!

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