Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


10. prom night

He smiled in approval he bent down to kiss me but before he could I pushed him away he looked at me confused i took a deep breath and said

'Tyler when I said it was over I meant we was over forever, you hit my best friend/ sister you gabbed my hair and punched me that is something I just can't forgive or forget I still love you but... 'My voice trebled his reply was shorter than I expected

'Im so sorry I really am and if that makes you happy' he said pointing towards Justin 'then I'll just have except it and I love you too and I will always will' he smiled then looked towards the ground he turn back towards the class room.


The office wasn't nice at all the last time I remember being in here is when I broke my ankle playing netball in year 8, Justin sat beside me holding my hand lightly squeezing, the nurse came out and called us in Justin followed she gasped and exclaimed

'Thats a nasty bruise you've got there, love' she sat down and asked how I did it

I told her that Tyler okly was showing off how good he was at punching and I happened to walk by

She laughed and said 'that's boys for you'


Me and Alex was getting into our dresses our hair and makeup was all done we took a couple of pictures and posters them on instergram, in a matter of minutes I had a comment it was from Tyler his message read "babe I wish I had you in my arms tonight" Alex glanced over and sighs, her sounded voice irritated

'Why doesn't he get the message you have moved on and so should he, just be careful lex'

I heard a car horn beep I walked out with Alex clutching my arm wow she said looking at Jamie she ran over with her arms open he lifted her up and kissed her as he spun her around he carefully placed her back on the ground she smiled at me pointing toward a boy in a suit and tie, he looked so hot I just wanted to run over and give him a kiss but I kept my cool and strolled over there, leaned on my tippy toes and pecked his lips he looked at me totally in satisfied

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