Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


14. he's back

I was sitting on the couch and was thinking about mine and Jamie's kiss we was suppose to hate each other not be in love what we did was wrong as much as I was angry a Alex she didn't deserve to be cheated on, my phone started vibrating in my pocket it was Justin, go shoot putting my thoughts aside I answered

" hey my little solider" he said in a very cheesy voice

" hi and I didnt want you to find out about me cutting if you don't want to get involved with me I understand"

" why? I don't have the right to judge you on your past, I called to see if you wanted to hang out today"

"Yer I would love too but I'm not allowed to leave the house without Alex or ... Jamie, sorry"

" no need babe and is it alright of I come round or do you want some alone time" he said sounding sweet and innocent

" I'd love to see you again, come round about 7:30"

"I can't wait 3 hours" he said impatiently

" okay what about what about 5" I tried to negotiate

" to long, how about i come over in five" he sounded so hopeful

" okay, but be warned I'm in my pj's" I said flirtatiously

" I better get going"

" bye" I said softy

"See you in a little while baby"


I sat on the couch waiting for him when I felt my eyes start to close


I felt warmth next to me I opened my eyes and Justin was sitting there his arm around me smiling at me as I fluttered my eyes open, but I looked around and I wasn't in my home I looked around Jamie and Alex were tied together the I looked up and I wasn't hurt at all my wrists we're lose my feet were untied I had nothing around my mouth I was slightly confused, but then I say Tyler walking closer to me

" here you and your precious friend are ah lex" he said smiling

" what are you doing Tyler? if you want me then have me but please don't hurt them, I'll do anything" I begged

" that decision is up to you darling, your friends are willing to give up their life's for you especially your ' boyfriend' over here" he smirked at me

" he isn't my boyfriend" I screamed

" oh so your lying to me now" he walked up to me and grabbed my chin squishing my face together

" no , I want him to be my boyfriend, just scared of what you would do, I'm scared of you, please Tyler if you really cared about me you wouldn't be doing this" i muffled

He let go of my face and started to rub the back of his neck then turned back around to face me his eyes glistened, I could just about make out tiny little droplets fall from his eyes, he started to walk towards me then he started leaning on for a kiss i tried to move away but I couldn't his ruff lips touched mine when he pulled away he whispered into my ear

" I do care about you, this is why I'm doing this, your my everything, I'm lost without you" his voice said one thing but his eyes meant another

" Tyler if you do care about me then please let my friends go and I'll be yours as long as you let them go" I said tears in my eyes

" babe that would be nice wouldn't it but life just sucks sometimes" he had a bitter sound to his voice

He grabbed Justin's wrist and dragged him in front of me a black object was pulled out from under his blazer

*BANG* the gun shoot was fired blood all over me why would Tyler do this

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