Spray Paint // Niall au

The smell of that terrible fume was her passion. The different colours of the world, held in a can, was her love. The sound of it releasing itself as she presses, was her desire. The giant canvas that attracts it was her smile. The stains of it sticking all over her brain, smile and body, was her experience.

All of this, spray paint.

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7. That Pepsi Act

-Niall's P.O.V- "Are you kidding me?" I just shook my head childishly as I find it difficult to convince Lucy about a story, that I don't find hilarious, but she did, that it was nothing but the truth. "I can't believe you did that! Now the incident about you assuming that I am a prostitute don't seem so bad." She laughed so hard that Pepsi started fizzing out one of her nostrils. She clamped her palm on to her mouth, covering her cupid's bow. Instead of helping her, I just laughed. She was giving me a playful look before grabbing the tissue and letting the Pepsi flow to it. "Dick." She muttered and I just smiled. I was glad that I told her about the funny tale. She looked at me teasingly. "You seem to attract funny thoughts, don't you, Mr Horan?" She taunted. I wanted to protest to play along, but she was quite right. I do attract funny thoughts, such as how beautiful she looks right now even if it is 3.47 in the morning, how her disgusting Pepsi act magnetized me to her. But I did not say it out loud. It would creep her and me out. "So the lady actually thought you were Zayn and you spent almost 2 hours explaining every single artwork in the gallery to her?" She asked, still amused by all this. I nodded, feeling a little embarrassed as I hear how it sounds like from a third party. "And how the hell did you explain the self-portrait of Zayn as a self-portrait of yourself?" "Well, I told her that just because it was called 'My Self-Portrait', it was possible that that was not my self-portrait. She seemed pretty impressed and Zayn just decided that he would pop in right at that moment. But thank god he didn't interfere and he seemed impressed too and she did buy that self-portrait so everything was amazing because of me." I said while holding my head high and she just smiled. "Zayn was so happy and he decided to give me this gallery and do whatever I want to do." A matching soft smile carved on my lips and I just silently appreciate Zayn's friendship. "You guys really are like brothers huh?" She said gently. I just nodded while grabbing one of the pizza slices and consuming it slowly. I heard my phone beeping and I fished it out of my pocket. It was Lucas reminding me of football practice tomorrow. I sighed and type in a few words of acknowledgement and locked my phone again. Lucy looked at her phone and she yawned. "I should probably send you back. I'm sorry for stalling your way back home." I said, guilt hanging on every one of my words. She just waved it off as she yawned again. "It's okay. There is no one waiting for me at home anyway." I heard the slight hint of sadness in her voice. "Well, you at least got an imaginary cat that you still haven't fed yet." I said in hopes to lift her mood. I saw the ends of her mouth curving upwards and she finally looked at me. "Yeah." We both cleared up the place and I let her out before me and I locked up the gallery and we began to walk. It was freaking cold even though both of us had our thick-ass coats on. "Did you enjoy yourself?" I asked her while grabbing her hand. I swear I tried to do it nonchalantly, but I got a raise from her eyebrows, but she did not question further, instead, we were swaying from left to right, as though we were in a drunk state, our hands swinging together in large movements. She looked at me with a shy smile, her pale skin had smeared some red near her apple cheeks. I wonder if it was from the cold air or it was because of me. I like to think that it was the latter. Yes, I am cocky, and I have no issue rectifying that fact. I do have a decent amount of lovers throwing themselves at me. This is the first time I am throwing myself at someone. I like to think that I'm not actually throwing myself at her and I cringed at the mere thought of going beyond that point of desperation. Lucy took a while to answer. "Well, frankly speaking, I really had a nice time with you. But I think I still have a bit of Pepsi in my nostril." She gasped loudly before quickly placing her palm against her lips, clamping it shut. Her eyes were widened. "I should have not said that, It sounded way better in my head. Trust me." She said shyly. "I trust you." I said with a small smile. She looked at me before retracing the cracks of the ancient boulevard with her eyes. Great Niall. You just had to be the silly little tosser you were and ruin that moment. I cleared my throat, as we still walked hand in hand on the boulevard. "Think about the college eh? There will be me and the lads you know." I was secretly hoping she would join us. She yawned for a while. "I'll think about it." I nodded, understanding her choice. I mean, even if she doesn't go to college, I would still see her. I mean, her boss is my best friend. It won't hard for me to bump into her. I almost blushed in shame. How could I be so selfish? She might not necessarily go to the same college that I do. I want her to have a proper education in art. She can do so much with the knowledge she will receive. I looked at her shyly. "Listen, I have a football match on Saturday. Zayn, Perrie and Ash are going to be there. You can come around if you want to." I tried to say it nonchalantly, but I can't help but pray that she actually came to the match. "Sure, I would love to!" She said. My face broke out into a grin. "On one condition." She said and I looked at her curiously. "You take me out after that, and no mentioning of the Pepsi Act ever again." She said the last part seriously and I almost jumped for joy. I am actually standing a chance with her. "What Pepsi Act?" I asked innocently, playing along. She narrowed her eyes playfully before smiling. We continued walking back to my car.
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