Spray Paint // Niall au

The smell of that terrible fume was her passion. The different colours of the world, held in a can, was her love. The sound of it releasing itself as she presses, was her desire. The giant canvas that attracts it was her smile. The stains of it sticking all over her brain, smile and body, was her experience.

All of this, spray paint.

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5. Frisky Beer Act




Max, a blonde with highlighted blue streaks brought a girl with him who he introduced as Carla. Ash was a blonde too, but with a more prominent platinum shade to his hair. He had a tattoo sleeve on his right arm, just like Zayn, but his was completed while Zayn's is still under the process. Ash came in with a carton in his arms and greeted us in the living room with a grunt before shoving the carton onto the floor. He bumped his fist against Niall's and when he sat down on the same armchair with Niall, he noticed Lucy and raised his eyebrow. Before he could say anything, Niall started the conversation.

"Dude, I told you to bring some beer only. You seem to bring a whole month's supply, I see." He jokingly said, making Max chuckled. "He got carried away. He said that even his Nonna can handle it." Max played along. "Seems like he downed a couple before bringing the carton." Lucy chipped in, hoping that that did not sound too intrusive. Surprisingly, the lads were quite chilled by the comment and even Ash had to chuckle a little before shaking his head briefly. He leaned forward, lifting his bum off of Niall's lap and leaned forward, his hand reaching out to Lucy. 

"I'm Ash, and I'm gay." Lucy raised her eyebrow at the second part. It was not because she was homophobic, god no. It was just that, it was direct.  Too direct. Nevertheless, Lucy accepted the handshake. "I'm Lucy and I won't say that I am 100% straight because that will show how close-minded I am to the world, so I'll say, 50% possibility of heterosexual and 50% possibility of bisexual." She beamed proudly and Ash grinned. He looked at Niall with a knowing look. He decided to get off of Niall's lap and sit beside Lucy. He decided that she could be his new girl best friend. The only girl best friend, that is. Lucy looked at his lips and he started to worry a little.

"I was just looking at your lip ring piercing." She explained herself quickly as she had seen the slight panic in his face. He closed his eyes in relief and when he opened them, an amused smile played on his lip. Ash has a lip ring piercing on the bottom left of his lip, gold studs attached onto the right standard and upper lobe, and a small silver stud on the left helix. Everything about him screams loud emotions and expressions and Lucy really liked it. 

"Are you an art student?" Lucy asked. He nodded, quite impress with this little chica. "What are you studying?" Ever since Perrie and her started talking about her studying Art, Lucy had been interested to know how it feels. "Photography, with your boyfriend right here." He said, patting Niall's chest, Niall not realizing what they were talking about. He was not paying attention, after all. She laughed. Ash looked at her as if she was insane. "What?" He asked, clearly not getting why she was suddenly laughing. "God, you think that me and Niall are dating?" She laughed loudly. "Wait, you guys are not?" Niall just shook his head slowly. 

"I'm so sorry. I thought you guys are like..." Ash stuttered awkwardly. Lucy shook her head, clearly amused. "Niall and you are the same. Always jumping to conclusions. No wonder you are best friends." She said, still laughing and choking out her words, but she was speaking the truth. Ash just shrugged. Niall looked at him. 

"What are you waiting for? Christmas? Open the carton and hand me a bottle." Niall said, a little grumpy because what more does an Irish man wants after football practice? No, not sex. Well, they are neck-to-neck actually. But beer. An Irish man needs his beer dammit. 

Ash just shook his head in amusement and opened the carton. Right at that point, Zayn entered the living room with Perrie, holding four boxes of pizza for the gang. Zayn scrunched up his nose slightly when he saw the beer, but said nothing. Perrie place two of the boxes on the table and sat beside me. Zayn sat beside her and smiled at me. "Perrie told me that you are thinking of joining a college." Lucy gave him a hesitant nod and he nodded back in approval. "Well, there is a decent amount of Art colleges here. Niall and Ash are both from Camberwell. The place is pretty good." Zayn said before lifting the cup of tea from his hand to his mouth. Ash sat back down beside Lucy and handed both her and Perrie a bottle of beer. Lucy accepted it gladly but Perrie politely rejected it. 

Ash looked at her with a smirk. "Being square eh, Pez?" He wiggled his eyebrows. Perrie gave him a smug look. "Nah, practising to be a Muslim." She retorted and Zayn brought her in for a hug. Perrie and Zayn had been engaged for quite a while and their wedding would be in about 5 months time. Perrie has her own apartment, but practically shift everything of hers to Zayn's and making the place her own. Zayn was home occasionally, but most of the time, he had to travel around the world to check up on his business chains. Ash nodded his head, impressed. Carla had been pretty quiet with Max in the corner. Lucy looked at Niall. 

"How do you know Max then? I mean, Zayn only mentioned you and Ash studying in Camberwell, but not Max." Niall gave her a small smile. "Well, Max is Zayn's friend, our senior. I knew Zayn and Max from secondary school as a childhood friend and a senior. Ash and me are friends from Camberwell, and we all gathered together and boom, friendship." Niall said before bringing the mouth of the bottle to his lips. Lucy nodded understandingly.

"Well, what movie are we gonna watch?" Perrie asked excitedly and Lucy raised her eyebrows. She thought that she was just staying for dinner. (Pizza and beer.) But apparently not.

"Oh come on! I know that you don't have a freaking cat to feed." Perrie pleads and Lucy just smiled. Things with her and Niall were settled, so she had no reason to not stay. She nodded and Perrie cheered. Perrie popped 21 Jump Street into the DVD player and they all watched it in the living room. Halfway into the movie, they heard a croaky meow. Lucy almost jumped when an American Shorthair kitten landed on Perrie's tummy. The kitten had white fur but black swirls on it. It gave a croaky meow when it looked at Lucy. 

"This is Frisky." Perrie said. There was a story behind it and soon, everyone was more interested in the story than the movie. "Well, at that time, Frisky had no name because we still didn't know what to call her. Then, she walked in on me and Zayn and jumped on the bed and came between our bodies." Niall groaned in disgust. Zayn was blushing while smiling bemusedly. 


"Then she walked all over Zayn's body and played with my nipples." 

"Gosh Perrie! You did not have to tell us that." Niall groaned again and Perrie childishly stuck out her tongue at him "So we decided to call her Frisky then." Lucy laughed so hard. Frisky got off of Perrie's lap and jumped onto the table, knocking Niall's beer onto his shirt, staining it. Niall groaned again and Frisky gave him an innocent meow. Perrie laughed and said, "Karma, you little bitch."

And that was a night to remember with Frisky Beer Act.

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