The Lost Christmas

Madelyn hasn't had a Christmas without crying for the past 5 yeas ever since her father, mother and brother were all killed in a house fire that she accidentally caused. Read this story as she finds her way of forgiveness and love.


1. The Lost Christmas

Madelyn hasn’t had any Christmas spirit even since 5 years ago her parents and her younger brother died in a house fire on Christmas Eve. At that time she was a faithful Christian but ever since she has forbidden herself to speak of any God. She was 12 years old at the time and James her brother was only 9, she had woken up at 12 o’clock and had began her way down to his room to wake him up just as she had promised. She shook him and he moaned.

“Madi give me a minute.”

She had light a candle next to his bed so that his light wouldn’t wake up their parents, she then walked out to the lounge as she shut his door and waited for him. She lost track of time and had fallen asleep, her parents screaming and yelling for James had woken her up. She came to her senses and she could smell smoke, she got up off the couch and ran to her parents who had been bagging on James’s door.

“Madi I want you to go outside and wait for us okay. We are going to try and get James out.” Her mom had told her as she crouched next to her. Her mom then lead her outside and kissed her on the forehead and ran back inside, the next thing Madelyn new was that the Firemen were next to her and carrying her into an ambulance.

“Sweetie I want you to tell me who is in the house?” A young fireman had asked her as she sat in the ambulance.

“My mom, dad and my little brother James.” She answered crying.

“Do you know where the fire is in the house?” The fireman asked her.

“In my…brothers room.” Madelyn began sobbing even harder but she was jolted out of the fireman’s arms in shock when a huge bang went off.

The Fireman looked at the house and moved Madelyn safely into the ambulance and closed the doors. He then looked the window and Madelyn saw a tear escape his eyes, he then ran off. Madelyn moved so then she could see the house out of the window, she knew that before the bang that James’s room was the only one on fire but now the whole house was engulfed. She sat down on the bed and curled up into a ball and cried and she eventually fell asleep.

She hadn’t been given all the information about the fire that year because she was too young but what she did know was that the fire was lite by a candle. A few years later she found out that it was the same candle that she had lite, and when she had closed the door it was jammed shut. James had turned over and hade knocked the candle, he didn’t realize until it was too late; Madelyn had cooked her brother alive in his own room. When her father had gotten up later he had smelt the smoke and had tried opening the door, the huge bang when Madelyn was in the ambulance was when her parents opened the door; all the oxygen came in from behind them and burnt them to crisps.

5 years later Madelyn had quit high school and had started College, she had forgotten her past every day except on Christmas.

This Christmas however was different; as Madelyn sat in front of the fireplace and next to her Christmas tree she couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched. She was sitting there crying into her lap when she heard her mother’s voice.

Madelyn please stop crying.” Madelyn looked up and sitting next to her was her mother.

“Mom?” Madelyn asked.

“Yes sweetie it’s me. Now can you stop crying?” This comment just made Madelyn cry even harder.

Her mom wrapped her arms around Madelyn and comforted her.

“Mom, I’m so sorry for what I did. I didn’t mean to kill you. Dad. Or James. I’m so sorry.” Madelyn wept into her mothers shoulder.

“I know sweetie and we forgive you, James explained everything to me and your father and we forgive you.” Her mother said reassuringly.

“Even James?” Madelyn asked.

“Even James.” Her mother agreed.

“Then why are you here?” Madelyn asked curiously.

“Because we don’t want you to sit around hating yourself for an accident that happened 5 years ago. All we want you to be is happy.” Her mom smiled wiping away her tears and moving the hair out of Madelyn’s face.

“But how am I going to be happy without you?” Madelyn asked.

“We are never gone. We are always in your heart.” Her mother said placing her hand on the place where Madelyn’s heart was.

“Okay.” Madelyn agreed.

“We all love you and miss you Sweetie. Your father and James say hello and Merry Christmas.” Her mom said as she stood up and began to fade.

“You can’t be leaving now are you?” Madelyn asked as she rushed to her feet.

“I’m sorry but I have to, I have spent too long in this world.” She said kissing Madelyn on her forehead.

“But I will miss you.” Madelyn said walking towards her mom.

“Remember we are always with you.” She said smiling but letting a tear escape her eyes.

“Always?” Madelyn asked.

“Always” Her mom said and she disappeared like that.

Madelyn made her way to bed after that and cried into her pillow as she went to sleep.

The next morning was Christmas; Madelyn woke up and walked into the kitchen and walking past the lounge room she spotted something. A gift under the tree that wasn’t there last night. She walked closer and she picked it up, the tag said To Madelyn Love mom, dad and James xoxo. She unwrapped it and inside was a picture of her parents and James all as Angels. The frame said MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Madelyn placed the picture on the kitchen table and sat staring at it.

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