Opposites attract

It was like everyday , meeting fans signing things then heading back to the hotel to get ready for the late night partying. But for Emma it was different she's the type of girl who would rather stay inside her own house watching movies and relaxing.


1. signings

Harry's pov

Me and the boys exited the tour bus , loud

screams filled the air . "OH MY GOSH ONE

DIRECTION AHHHH!" That's all we heard. We

signed some autographs said hi and entered the

large building . We were lead to our area where

all the fans would come and meet us. "10 min"

some guy said before walking away . "So boys

you ready for another signing" Liam said. "Of

course I love the fans" zayn says "how bout you

harry" Niall asked " ehh I guess we do it all the

time , so it's kinda boring" I said " what? You

used to love these , what happened?" Louis said

" I do , don't get me wrong it's just we've done

tons , and screaming fans can be annoying

sometimes" I replied . "Are you even hearing

yourself , they are the reason were celebrities ,

the reason we do what we love" Niall said.

"I know" I said " we'll your acting stuck up , like

you don't care about them " Louis said annoyed.


" Harry do us a favor and don't act like an idiot"

Louis said "I won't , remember it's for the fans" I

said " exactly" Niall said .

One hour later)

"we'll lads that was amazing as always " Liam

said " I agree " Niall said .

" all right boys let's go" Paul said leading us to door

We exited the building said goodbye to the fans

who were still remaining outside.

We got back onto the bus and head back to our hotel.

"Here comes the night fun" i said

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