Passing Through

Lucy Hale. A 16 year old girl. Country girl, definitely. She lives in Minnesota. Protective over herself and her mother and big brother. She does farming as a living. While her mother tries to get money from the big cities, she cleans horse stables, feed the pigs, collecting chicken eggs and milking cows. Her mother often offers her to come with, but she always refuses. Why? Believe it or not, she has the country heart. So, her mother leaves every 2 months to Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy. City boy, obviously. He doesn’t really work but both his parents own lots and lots of business companies. He lives in the finest house in the finest city, Los Angeles. He’s also home-schooled. And also has an absolute big ego.

What happens when one of them crosses by? Will they just be passing through? Will the time be worth passing through?


2. Minnesota


“Mom, why can’t you just stay here in the farm with us?” I protest her. I can’t believe she left, lying to both, me and Ryan, my brother. “Sweetie, you know that the farm isn’t enough, I’m saving up for your college money and your brother’s, I’m doing this for the both of you”. I let out a sigh, knowing she was right. The farm has been giving lower and lower income every month. “But, two months?!” I protest again. “The owner of the company doesn’t like the fact that his employee leaves every week, he gave me an offer for every 2 months, besides, I can’t afford the plane ticket for every week, Lucy” “But, you said, you’d only be there for 2 weeks, do you know how long it has been?! Me and Ryan was worried sick looking for you! You lied to us! You said, you were just looking for our long lost uncle, I can’t believe I fell for it!” I screamed to the phone, tears about to spill in my eyes. “I can’t believe it either” my mom attempted to joke. “Mom, it’s not funny! You know, you’re the only one I have left after dad left” “Lucy, you still have Ryan, it’s not like anything’s gonna happen to me, I promise..” I let out another sigh. “I was going to tell you this later, but I guess now would be okay” she pauses before continuing, “Mr. Tomlinson, my boss, lets me come back in 3 days, to let me pack all the stuff I need here, since I only came here with 1 business suit and a shirt and jeans” my mom explained. I sighed in relief, knowing I will see her in 3 days more. “Alright, fine.. I’ll pick you up at the airport so you won’t have to take a cab” I softly smile. “Thank you, darling, I’ll see you in 3 days” “Alright, 3 days, mom”.


“RYAAANNN!!” I run to the barn and look for my brother who was washing the cow. “What’s wrong, Lucy? Did the pigs start a fire again?” Ryan groans. I laugh, remembering that time when the pigs started a fire in the barnyard. Some parts of the barn was gone, but we didn’t lose anything. Smart things, pigs are. “No.. But, mom’s coming home in 3 days!” I squeal in excitement. “No, shit?!” Ryan jumped up from the stool and hugs me tightly. I hug him back. “I miss her too much” Ryan comments. “Me too, buddy” I punch his arm weakly. “Don’t you buddy me! It’s your turn to wash the cow, not mine!” Ryan protested, laughing. “Aww, but you were doing such a good job with it, I’ll leave to let you to it!” as I begin to walk away, Ryan drag me back by the end of my buttoned shirt. “Nope, you’re doing it, baby sister, I gotta drive the truck to the market” “Are you sending the eggs in?” Ryan nods and hands me a bucket of water filled with soap and a sponge. “Fine, but make me pie later?” I ask him with puppy eyes. He messes my hair and nods, “Sure, little buddy” I stick out my tongue at him and start washing the car. I can’t wait for mom to come home.




“Son, you know I can’t have you being lazy around the house! It’s a really horrible resemblance of me!” my dad exclaimed. Ugh, why do I have to go through this again? Oh yeah, right, because I got drunk. What’s the big deal? I’m a teenager. I have needs! “So, what you’re saying is, you’re ashamed of me? Or embarrassed?” I asked him. “No, what I’m saying is that you’re making mistakes, and money can’t fix everything! Last night, the police had to come get you! The police!!” “So what?! All other teens get to drink! I’m 18, dad!” “And still in school! Your mother and I are very disappointed in you!” I can’t believe I have to sit in my father’s office, getting yelled at for doing what normal people do. With every employee of his, listening to our very conversation. “Just because we can afford stuff doesn’t mean the money both your mother and I earn-“ “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You and mom? I do living too, dad!” “And what is that exactly?!” I stayed silent. He sighs. “You know, I grew up in a small town.. I used to help people farm” “What does this problem has to do with that?” I barked at him. “Maybe, what you’re missing is experience..” “You want me to work in a farm?” “I was thinking you could go to Minnesota and visit your grandma there, but that could do well!” my father’s face lit up. “What?! There’s no way in hell I would want to work in a fucking farm!” I yelled at him, standing up. “Language! You, sit down.. Young man, you’re going to through a lot, if the country doesn’t help, I don’t know what will” he lays back on his chair and picks up his telephone, “Yes, get me Hale, thank you” then he puts down the telephone, while waiting in silence.


Finally, a knock on my dad’s office door breaks the silence from both of us. “You wanted to see me, sir?” a lady in the worst business suit ever, walks in. I stare at her in disgust, but doesn’t really show it to her face. “Yes, Hale, come in and sit” my father commands. The women takes a seat sit next to me which made me to scoot a little farther away from her, without her noticing but certainly got my dad’s. And he gave me one of those oh so deadly death glares. Like it’s stupidly scary. I’m not affected at all. Like, what in the hell are you going to do to me? Note, my sarcasm. “You’re going back to Minnesota in 3 days right?” my father asks, and she nods. “Where in Minnesota exactly?” “In a little bit of the country side, sir” she answers. Oh, no. My father smirks at me. “Do you think it’ll be okay if my son here, tags along with you?” At first, the lady was shock and so am I. WHAT?! “O-of course, I’m sure the kids and I wouldn’t mind!” she replies. “You have kids?” “Yeah, I do, Lucy and Ryan, Lucy’s 16 and Ryan’s 18” “Really? Then, Louis here wouldn’t feel very lonely” my father smile/smirks. “Do you mind if Louis stays there for maybe around 2 or 3 months? He really needs the country experience, he’ll be willing to help with the farm!” HELL NO! “Absolutely” the women smiles and so does my father. “Alright then, thank you Hale, you can go now, I will let you know about everything, he’ll get the plane tickets for you both and will be leaving tomorrow morning” “Tomorrow morning? Not 3 days? I can surely get a plane ticket, sir” “No, I insist” my father replies and the women nods and thanked my dad and leaves. “What?!” I screamed at my dad, once she closes the door. “Pack your bags, son, you’re going to Minnesota” my dad says and I angrily storms off his office with his employees staring at me. There’s no way in hell, I’m going to Minnesota.


A/N so what do you guys think? is this good? should i continue or should i just delete? comment please :) x

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