Passing Through

Lucy Hale. A 16 year old girl. Country girl, definitely. She lives in Minnesota. Protective over herself and her mother and big brother. She does farming as a living. While her mother tries to get money from the big cities, she cleans horse stables, feed the pigs, collecting chicken eggs and milking cows. Her mother often offers her to come with, but she always refuses. Why? Believe it or not, she has the country heart. So, her mother leaves every 2 months to Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy. City boy, obviously. He doesn’t really work but both his parents own lots and lots of business companies. He lives in the finest house in the finest city, Los Angeles. He’s also home-schooled. And also has an absolute big ego.

What happens when one of them crosses by? Will they just be passing through? Will the time be worth passing through?


4. Milking



We finally arrive back to our sanctuary. Ours as in me, Ryan and mom’s. Once, Louis and I hop off the truck, mom informs me, “Lucy, sweetie, would you be a dear and help Louis here with his bags? It’s quite a lot..” she requests while Ryan drops off Louis’ bags of luggages on the ground. “Yeah, would you, Luce? Me and mom are heading to the market..” my brother adds, trailing off in the end of his sentences. “What? I wanna go to the market too!” I exclaimed as Louis crosses his arms at me. “Come on, Luce, please??” my mother pleads, “besides, the cow hasn’t been milked yet” my brother creates a distraction so I would forget about this. I’m not that stupid, Ryan. I let out a sigh, “Alright, fine, drive safely” I say to them. Ryan and mom flashes me a quick smile as they head off to the market.


As, mom and Ryan leaves, I pick up 2 of Louis’ bags to carry it inside. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy on the bag, it’s expensive” he warns me with a little bit of mock on his tone. I raise my eyebrows at him giving him a ‘are you serious?’ look. And he gave me a look that clearly says ‘I’m hell of a serious’. I start to struggle carry his bags because it was damn heavy, and I hate the fact that he isn’t even carrying any of HIS bags. “Aren’t you gonna help me?” I ask him. He scoffs, “I am the guest here, help yourself!” Ugh, this kid has some nerves, coming here. “You’re lucky, we have a spare room, if we didn’t, we’d have you sleep with the pigs since you do look alike” (A/N sorry directioners, I love Louis but it’s just part of the story for both Lucy and Louis to hate each other’s guts, and Lucy’s power is sarcasm :() I bite him back with my words. “Well, then, lucky for me” he smiles devilishly. I lead him to the spare room we have while carrying both his heavy bags. I opened the door to the spare room with my elbow. “Here it is.. Bla, bla, bla.. Enjoy your room, etcetera, etcetera.. I’ll get the rest of your bags up here in a minute, in the mean time make yourself comfortable” I said, dropping his bags on the floor saying it in a very dull tone. “What?! No TV?!” he exclaims. “No, we don’t have a TV here, it rottens the brain cells”, I tell him. He groans in stress, “this is gonna be much worst than I thought it would” he musters to himself.


I leave him to his own misery and get outside to get the rest of his luggages, man, it is heavy. What the hell did he pack? A studio?! I reach back to the spare room he’ll be living in, and drop the rest of his bags on the floor. I walk inside the room to see him unpacking. “That’s all of ‘em, anything else?” I ask bitterly, wanting him to say the word ‘no’. “As a matter of fact, yes, there is something else, I need a bed cover to be able to sleep on the bed” he requests, a smirk showing on his face. “But, it’s already covered” I point to the bed. He chuckles, “No, that is a blanket, I need a bed cover” he repeats. I groan, “I’ll get you a bed cover” I say to him, “prick” I mutter to myself. “I heard that” I could feel his smirk showing as I turn to find him a ‘bed cover’.


“There! Happy much?!” I toss him the flowered bed cover. “No, not really” he threw a smirk to my way. “Yeah, sure, whatever” I said to him not caring at all. I hate him, he is a stranger, and this is my house. “Why the hell are you here?” I ask him, bitterly. “That’s none of your business” he pauses, then continues, “Speaking of business, go milk your cows” he orders me. No jerk will tell me what to do. But, I shrug it off cause I really do need to milk the cows. I change to my boots and tie up my hair in a high up pony tail. I grab my usual bucket and head to the barn.

“Hello, Daisy! Let’s start, yeah?” I ask the barn’s main milking cow. She moo’s at me and nods her head and walks over to me as I grab my short stool and sit down. Placing the silver bucket under her and start milking her.


A few minutes passed until a knock rang in my ears. I turn my head towards the barn door to see Louis leaning to the door. “What is it now, Louis?” “The place is horrendous, my precious shoes don’t deserve this kind of dirt, I need something much useless to use for my beautiful feet!” he snorts. “There’s a pair of black boots behind the pigs’ cage, go get ‘em” I told him. It was a lie actually, there’s only a really creepy doll, I just really want him to make a fool out of himself; to get behind the pig’s cage you just need to cross the mud and some pigs along the way. But, I guess that’ll do for a stupid, city, jerk ass like him.


Louis walks over to the pigs, “hi little piggies, if you would just let me pass, I’ll just- WHOA!!” Jack and Jason (pigs) tripped Louis down. Which made me burst out laughing. No shit, anyone in my place would hell laugh at this sight. His, oh so, expensive suit gets dirt all over it. What? I can’t not laugh at him! It’s not my fault he chose to wear a suit!


I keep on laughing at him as he reached behind the cage, his face goes red with anger. Which, clearly got me laughing again. “Where the hell are the boots?!” he shouts at me. “I just remembered! It’s behind the house!” I continued laughing. But, this time is true, it is behind the house. “Help me get across these nasty pigs!” which made me chuckle at his request. I grab my now full bucket of milk, stand up and thank Daisy for it. I walk over to the barn door about to make my exit, “Hey, you might be the guest here, but, you’re on my land now” I say with a smirk and make my grand exit. In my head, I launched a really mischievous evil laugh.


A/N Hey guys, sorry for not updating this story yet, stay tuned for more and for MB!


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