Hidden In Plain Sight

When April Malfoy discovers a secret room at Hogwarts, she has only five clues on how to unlock the door. The first one:The Sorting Hat's song in Harry Potter's first year. (Set in the time Harry Potter's kids are at Hogwarts).

My first movella so please leave comments!


3. The Hospital Wing

I quickly run over to him. He's been hurt badly. I turn around and see someone running up the stairs to the boys dormitory's. I run out the portrait hole and strait to McGonagall's office. When I reach the door I shout


I run up the stairs and into the office.

"Professor! It's James Potter! He's been seriously injured!" I say. She turns around around and asks me where he is.

"In the armchair by the fire in the Gryffindor common room!" I reply.

"You go get Madam Pomfrey and meet me there" she says in an anxious voice. I nod and run to the Hospital Wing.

'How could this have happened?' I thought.

When I reach the door, I run in and tell Madam Pomfrey what happened and we head towards the common room. When we walk in, McGonagall tells Madam Pomfrey to take him to the Hospital Wing and asks me to go get Lily and Albus and to meet her in the Hospital Wing. I run in and wake them up. I tell them what happened. We head towards the Hospital Wing. When we get there we probably look like we've been destroyed. Lily's hair is a mess, Albus keeps on yawning, we all look really tired (me more then the rest),but we also look alert. James is on a bed. We walk over to him and sit in the chairs. We all have tears in our eyes and are waiting for any news or movement from James.

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