Hidden In Plain Sight

When April Malfoy discovers a secret room at Hogwarts, she has only five clues on how to unlock the door. The first one:The Sorting Hat's song in Harry Potter's first year. (Set in the time Harry Potter's kids are at Hogwarts).

My first movella so please leave comments!


5. The First Clue

When I wake up, I'm in the bed beside James. I sit up and see Scorpius in the bed across from me.

"Are you okay April?" Said a voice. I turn around and see my dad sitting beside me. I nod and ask him the time.

"It's 5 o'clock" he replied looking relieved.

I asked him about the Quidditch match.

"It was cancelled due to lack of players" he answers.

I ask him if I can have dinner then get something from the common room. I'm sleeping in the Hospital Wing. He allows it and I get up and walk to the Great Hall.

When I get there, Albus and Lily invite me to sit with them. I don't eat very much and I keep my head down. I look up at my dad, but he's busy talking to Professor McGonagall.

After dinner I walk to the common room and enter the dormitory I feel like I haven't been in for ages. I go over to my trunk and dig through the pile of stuff. At last, I find what I'm looking for: the first Harry Potter book.

When I get back to the Hospital Wing, I sit in the chair beside James and flick to the page I need: page 88. I right down the song and run to the third floor. I find the door and slip the words under the door. Another note comes out. It says;

Well done, but you're far from finished.

This is your second clue:

Who is the new Slytherin seeker in the second year?

Good luck!

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