Fake Love?

Zoe is a normal girl. Then she meets Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. They make a bet on her. Who will win her over? Will it be true love or is it just a part of the bet?


3. Zayn

Zoe P.O.V.

That night I'm sitting on Zayn's couch.

"So, how'd you meet Harry?" He asks.

"I was on a walk and he asked me out."

"And I'm guessing you said no."

"How'd you know?"

"Well you didn't let him help you."

"That doesn't mean anything." I hit him playfully.

"Am I right?"

"Yes, you're right."

"Well, what would you say if I asked you out?"

"Hmm. I'd probably say yes."

"Zoe, do you want to go on a date with me sometime?"

"Yes, that sounds like fun."


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