You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


14. Party part 2 (Chapter 14)

Louis POV

I was getting all the drinks and dinner in case some are hungry. I also got some movies out to play on tv. I heard a knock on the door and opened it. It was my beautiful girlfriend. Taylor Logan.

"Hi beautiful,how are you!?"I told her.

"Great. "

"Did you bring your pjs?!?"I asked her.

"Of course I did because you liked them. "

"Want anything to eat?!?"

"Actually I'm not that hungry. "

I nodded my head and lead her to the living room. She sat on the sofa. Suddenly we both heard people laughing and having fun. Then we noticed it was the boys,Lisa and Kayla. They rang the doorbell a few times and knocked. I ran up to the door and opened it.

"Hey!"Kayla and Lisa said. They both ran up to Taylor and started talking.

"Hey boys!"I told the boys. "Wanna play a game of truth or dare?!?"I said with a cheeky grin.

"Ya!Bring it on!"Harry said.

I told the girls that we were playing truth or dare and they all got excited.

"Truth or dare Harry?!?"I said with my loud voice.

"I a dare. "

"We'll you shouldn't have chose that but whatever. I dare you to kiss Kayla on the check for at least 10 seconds. "

"Louis!!" Kayla shouted at me.

"He asked for it. "

"We'll I actually don't mind kissing you and it's just the cheek anyways. " Harry said while blushing. Harry leaned over to Kayla and she closed her eyes.

"Done!! How was my lips?"Harry said with a cheeky smile. Kayla slapped Harry and then slapped me and said

"That's for choosing the dare!"


Sorry for the short chapter,hope the next one will be longer. Thanks for reading! - louistomolover88 💜

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