You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


8. Church (Chapter 8)

I woke up and now i'm siting here at the dining table eating english breakfast ;) Me and my mom are christians and we like to go to church on sundays. We don't like to miss it!

"So darling ." My mom called out."How did you meet that guy yesterday?"

"Kayla introduced me to him"

"Oh,I see.Whats his name?"

"Louis!"sparks flew when i said his name , there is something special about him to me.Something really special.

"Well, lets go!"



We arrived at church and the Pastor said there was a new comer.I wonder who it was.

"We have a very special person come to join us today, I don't think anyone has met my son Louis William Tomlinson!" the Pastor shouted.Everyone was clapping and so excited to see him.Wait.......Louis Tomlinson?The one who lives at my neighbourhood ? The one at school?Oh shoot! Is he stalking me or something ? Seems like everywhere i go he is there! This is getting annoying!

"OMG!"My mother shouted, I didn't even know she knew that word."IT'S YOUR BOYFRIEND!!"

Oh no, did she just say what i thought she said.........out loud!!!

"Mom, he is not my  boyfriend!"

Louis started giggling after he heard what my mom said. His giggle is so cute !I did'nt want to look embarrassed so i laughed with him.After the giggling session , Louis had to sit somewhere and there was an empty seat next to me so of course he sat there.

"Your moms funny!"Louis said once he sat down.

"Ya......Not really."

"You look beautiful in that dress today,beautiful."

"Oh, Thanks Lou!"

"Shhh!"We heard someone say so we kept quiet for the rest of church.

-After Church-

"I'll see you around Taylor!"Louis said as he kissed me on the cheek and held my waist. Then he left and i felt bored so me and my mother left.Just before leaving the Pastor aka Louis Tomlinson's dad ran up to us and tapped our shoulders.

"Would you like to come for dinner at our place at 7?"

"Sure!"I replied

"Great, See you then!"

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