Wait, please dont go

After 15 year old Chris Winter falls into a coma, trouble begins with her family, and people around her. But is Chris completely asleep..? FIND OUT MORE IN "wait, please don't go"


3. school

"Hey Jo!" I sit down beside Joelle and we begin to talk.

"Hello ladies" Kingsley says as he slumps into the seat beside us.

"Hey Kingsley," I reply.

"Last day of school hey? Pretty exciting!"

"Yeah," Joelle says.

"Hey uh, I'm throwing a schools-out party tonight, you girls want to come?"

Joelle and I look at each other.

"Sure, why not," I finally answer.

"Great! It's my house at 8:00pm okay?" He mentions while he get off the bus.

"Alright, see you then," Joelle and I walk off into the big white and orange school.

Brimley High school is kind of like a school for the rich kids you know? I'm not rich. Nor is Jo, or Kingsley. But everybody else, man do they have money.

A lot of schools envy us because a survey showed that we had a higher IQ average than most schools. Especially Vanderhigh. Vanderhigh has always hated us. Since the late 1990's my principal said. They're our rivals I suppose.

Jo and I enter the school and head separate ways to our lockers.

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