I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


8. Chapter 8

I wake up and go downstairs where I got called names and I just get my food and go outside and cross my legs and look at everything. “Hey.” I look up and there is a boy with curly, brown hair smiling at me. “Hi.” I say, eating my bacon. “I’m Harry.” He says and I nod. “I’m-.” I start but he cuts me off. “I know, you’re Christy,” he says and I sigh. “I wanted to know if you were ok.” He says and I look at him. “I’m fine, why?” I ask and he sits on the ground in front of me. “These girls, I have heard the names they have called you and the things Louis has told me.” He says and I sigh. “They aren’t true.” I say and he nods. “I thought so.” He says and I nod. “If you need someone to talk to, just text me,” he says, grabbing my free hand and writing a number on my arm and then kissing my hand. “Thanks.” I say, smiling up at him and he nods and jogs off and I put the number in my phone and finish my breakfast. I take a shower and grab my bag and go to Shyann’s room. “Hi.” I say and she looks at me. “You’re happy, why?” She asks, smiling and getting up. “Some guys aren’t total assholes.” I say and she laughs. “I know.” She says and then we go to the college.

Last class arrives and I take a deep breath and walk inside where I have Louis on one side and Harry on the other. I smile and go up to my seat and sit in between them. “Hi.” I say to Harry and Louis looks at me. “Hi there,” Harry says and I smile. Class starts and I could feel Louis glancing at me but I ignore him. After class I quickly get out and follow Louis out. “I need to talk to you.” Louis says, pulling me into the janitors’ closet. “What?” I ask and he looks at the door and then back at me. “You and Harry?” He asks but I shake my head. “He is being nice, something you don’t know how to do.” I say and he steps closer. “No because staying outside in the freezing cold with you wasn’t nice.” He says and I look up into his eyes. “No since you were the reason I was out there anyways.” I say and he sighs. “I miss you.” He says and I roll my eyes. “You see me everyday.” I say and he wraps his arms around me. “I know but I can’t touch you.” He says and I shrug. “You have a girlfriend that you can touch.” I say and he shakes his head. “She thinks I caught something from you.” He says and I sigh. “That bitch.” I say and he laughs. “You are so hot when you are mad.” He says and I glare at him. “Shut up, dumbass.” I say and he smiles. “I love it when you talk dirty to me.” He says and that makes me laugh and he presses his lips to mine and slips his tongue in my mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back and his hands slip up my shirt. He pushes me against the wall and tries to pull my shirt up. “Nope,” I say, biting his lip and he lets out a moan and picks me up and I squeal and he smiles. “You are so cute.” He says and kisses me again and kisses down my jaw line and down my neck. I push him away, causing me to fall on my bum and I get up and laugh. “Come back here.” He says, huskily and picks me up and I laugh and he kisses me again. “I missed this.” He says and I smile. “So did I.” I admit and he smiles. He buries his face in my neck and I hug him. We emerge from the closet and leave and I pull my hair back and he goes through the other side of the school and I start walking back to the sorority. “I need to talk to you.” Alex says and I look at her. “Yes?” I ask and she smiles. “Do you help Shyann sneak out some nights?” She asks and I shrug. “Maybe, who’s asking?” I ask, laughing and she laughs too. “We should all go.” She says and I laugh. “I will be a fifth wheel.” I say and she laughs again. “No, Louis will go with you.” She says and my face drops. “We aren’t talking.” I say and she makes a face. “Please!” She says and I sigh. “You are lucky you are my friend.” I say and she laughs. “Hi babe, hi Christy,” Niall says and I smile. “Hey Niall,” I say and they kiss and I make a face and pretend to puke. “Date tonight.” She says and I shrug and I go to the sorority and up to Shyann’s room. “Are you and Liam going out tonight?” I ask and she nods. “Alex and Niall want to go.” I say and she smiles. “Awesome!” She exclaims and I go to my room.

Shyann comes into my room and I get up and she smiles at my outfit, skinny jeans, a striped shirt and my supras. “Classy.” She says, laughing and we climb down the rope and to the front of the sorority where Louis was waiting with Niall and Alex and Liam. Shyann runs up to Liam and kisses him and I just walk up to Louis. “Hey there beautiful,” he whispers and I smile. “Hi.” I say and we walk to the little restaurant we always go to at night. “You guys would be really cute together.” Alex exclaims and I roll my eyes and Louis grabs my hand and interlaces our fingers. “Yeah, break up with Brittany.” Niall says in a girly voice and everyone starts laughing. “I really don’t need her to bitch at me.” He says and I smile. “Besides, I like being single,” I say and he looks at me and I look at him. “Look at the way you look at each other.” Shyann exclaims and I smile. “Kiss.” Alex starts quietly and then they all start quietly chanting it and then they get louder until Louis finally kisses me and I kiss him back. He puts his hand on my waist and kisses me even after they said ‘aw’. “Alright, get a room.” Liam says, laughing and I break the kiss and smirk at Louis and then turn back to everyone else. “You are perfect for each other.” Alex says and I laugh. “I want her to be mine.” Louis says and I look at him. “Really?” I ask and he looks at me and smiles. “Of course,” he says and I smile. “Oh my gosh, get married.” Liam says and I start laughing. “It’s almost Christmas break, what’s everyone going to be doing?” I ask and Shyann shrugs. “Probably staying here,” she says and I smile. “I will stay with you.” I say and she smiles. “Me too,” Alex says and I laugh. “I have to see my family.” Louis says and I look at him. “That’s awesome.” I say, smiling and he squeezes my fingers. We all get up and go outside and I shiver and Louis puts his arm around me. We walk back to the sororities and I say goodbye to everyone and Shyann climbs up the rope and Louis jogs over to me. “Me next,” he says and then climbs up the rope and so do I. “What are you doing? You need to leave.” I say and he smiles. “I will be gone for Christmas break and I will miss you so I am going to spend this night with you.” He says and I lie down and so does he and I pull the blanket over us. “You are going to get me kicked out of here.” I say and he frowns. “I just want to spend time with you.” He says and he takes off his shirt. “We are only sleeping.” I say and he laughs. “I know but I sleep with my shirt off.” He says and I smile and he pulls me to him and kisses me. He lies on top of me and I wrap my arms around his waist. “Sleep only.” I say and he pretends to snore and I giggle and he stares down at me. “You are perfect.” He whispers and I blush. “No I’m not.” I say and he kisses me and I could feel the passion. “You are to me.” He says and then lies beside me and closes his eyes. I stare at the ceiling until sleep overtakes me and I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter, I think they should date, what do you think? -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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