I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


4. Chapter 4

I wake up and I am outside. I sit up and Louis is asleep beside me. I quickly get up and kick him lightly. “What?” He asks and squints his eyes and then gets up. “Good morning.” He says and I roll my eyes and start walking back to the college. “I am going to get some coffee.” I say, turning and I start walking to the café. He follows me and yawns. “You need to get back; I don’t want Brittany freaking out.” I say and he shrugs. “I am just getting coffee, I saw you when I came in.” He says and I go inside and up to the counter. “One regular coffee,” I say and the girl nods and I grab it and sit down at a booth. I slowly sip my coffee and Louis sits across from me. “Get up, Brittany is coming.” I say and he gets up and I pull back my hair. “Hey baby.” Brittany says and kisses him and I stare out the window. I get up and leave and walk back to campus. “Hey, where did you go last night?” Shyann asks and I look at her. “Oh, sorry, decided to watch the stars and then I fell asleep.” I say and she crosses her arms. “Alone?” She asks and I nod. “Where was Louis?” She asks and I shrug. “I thought he went with you.” I say but she smirks. “You were with him, weren’t you?” She asks and I roll my eyes. “Maybe,” I say and she giggles. “Tell me all about it.” She says and I sigh and sit down. “Nothing happened.” I say and she sighs. “Ok.” She says and I smile and Alex walks up. “Hey girls,” she says and I smile and wave to her. “What’s up?” I ask and she giggles. “After yesterday, when we got back to my house, Niall was all over me.” She says and I pretend to puke. “Too much information girl!” I say, laughing. “Well I just wanted to thank you, both.” She says and we smile. “You’re welcome.” We both say. “So what’s new with you?” She asks and I shrug and Shyann giggles. “She has a boy toy.” Shyann mutters and I slap her arm. “What?” Alex asks and I roll my eyes. “She and Louis were with each other last night.” She says, winking at Alex and she gasps. “But he is with.” She says and Shyann nods. “Nothing happened, I wouldn’t let it, and he wouldn’t leave me alone.” I say and she smiles. “Looks like he has his eye on you now,” Shyann whispers in my ear and I turn and he is looking at me. He smiles at me and I look away. “He is so annoying.” I say and the girls laugh and I get up and go inside.

Later I go outside where Alex is playing volleyball with Niall against Louis. “Christy! Come here!” Alex calls and I walk over to her. “You are on Louis’ team.” She says, winking and I roll my eyes and go under the net and next to him, at a distance. We begin the game and Louis jumps in front of me and spikes the ball, causing Niall to fall to the ground but still hit it over. I slap it down and it hits their side and I smile. “So you can play?” Louis asks and I look at him. “Better than you,” I say, hitting the ball over. We play the game a little longer until Niall starts getting frustrated. “You are cheating!” He says and I laugh. “Nope,” I say and he glares at me. “Hey babe,” Brittany says and I don’t even look at her. “Why are you hanging out with these losers?” She asks and I roll my eyes. “Just wanted to beat them,” he says and she giggles. “But why are you on teams with this loser?” She asks and I turn and face them. “Yeah why Louis?” I ask, crossing my arms and Brittany looks from me to him. “I needed a teammate.” He says, shrugging. “Yeah but her, really?” She asks and he laughs. “I know I had no choice though.” He says and then he kisses her. I can’t believe he used me just to kiss me and I can’t believe I was stupid enough to let him. I turn to Alex and Niall and the tears brim my eyes. I shake my head and go inside. “He is a jerk, I should have seen it.” I say to Shyann and then I go to my room and close the door. 

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I hope you like this chapter! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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